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  • Mincraft Prison Server!

    As posted by @CrashOverride

    Mandatory ltl ftp; "this is also made really close to the last one"; "I just offered to do this and am not a 10 year old";

    Hi guys!
    As @Shewolf has mentioned in the latest community update (#22) we have a new server for ourselves now, which I will explain in this post.

    You may have seen the wise and wonderful words of our leader and high priest @Sonic_Cloud

    “Ask Duck 'cause I don’t know what the bleep is going on. There's a Tesco apparently; there's a shop system and a whole prison thing that i don’t understand and there's shit you need to do to rank up”
    Most of this is correct, for the most part, kinda, I guess.

    Our new server is a themed version of Minecraft Prison, which is a multiplayer gamemode where you must mine and sell blocks in order to earn enough money to escape,
    Escaping consists of progressing through every rank in the prison then beating the final rank to escape, where you can choose to *bleep* off or start over if you wish.

    To add to this gamemode, the Prison Team have decided to put their own spin on it, by adding a custom storyline and custom progression.
    The prison you are trapped in actually uses prisoners as slaves, putting them to work in high street shops in order to make money.
    This changes the progression by making you work in different shops, including but not limited to Tesco, Boots, Marks & Spencer and many more.

    The story line is simple enough, whilst on a field-trip with your classmates, your bus gets ambushed by a group of prisoners and you all end up locked inside the prison,
    this forces you to slave away in the different stores in order to make your escape with your classmates, whilst trying to avoid the guards and other prisoners,
    who may try to kill you if you step into certain areas, so make sure you are well armed with some toothbrush shivs and make-shift nunchucks!

    If you wish to play on the server, add the following IP address to your server list,
    We always use the most recent version of minecraft on the server.

    Some other interesting information:

    The server spawn is a "GGmart" where you can warp to the different shops and worlds.
    There is a "Plot World" on our server, every player gets their own plot where they can build whatever they like at their own discretion,
    using materials that you can mine or buy from the shop.
    Not all materials can be mined, you may need to buy certain things such as wood if you want to do certain things with your plot.
    It should also be noted that no staff will take responsibility for, or help you, if somebody griefs your plot, the only way this can happen,
    if is you let somebody non-trustworthy into your plot using commands.

    Thats the main part of it all really, the only other thing that I should mention is that we have a sell-out option where you can get money and OP tools by opening crates,
    in order to open said crates you need to pay money for the keys, so if you wanna help us sell-out, go for it.

    There are prestiges for anyone who wishes to play again after reaching the "Escaped" rank,
    you can prestige as many times as you like, the only difference is that each time the challange is grindier.

    We also have PvP and Mob Arena mini-games for anyone who wishes to take a chill.

    That is all for now my fellow gentlemen,
    I hope to see some of you in-game on launch night,
    CrashOverride out.
    (mandatory I don't play minecraft a lot I'm not 9 kek)