Hi everyone I am Zunni (The Master) I am 22 years old and I have played on the Gentlemen servers for a long time. I Live in the Awesome (little and cold) country called Denmark. I am well known on the JB server as I am among the top four players who have played the longest on the server. I have played DR a lot 2 before i joined the Gentlemen servers. I look forward talking with you all here on the forum now aswell :-)


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  • Community Update #8 - Demotion of Joe

    Good luck in the future Joe boi. I am gonna miss your sarc.... your sweet smil..... your funny humo...


    Welcome to the ret ranks <3
  • New ranks for the people. Soz for the problems.

    Should there come a new rank or maybe more ranks :D ? Here are four suggestions from 4 people around the server.

    THE: Rainbow Rank. - For those who constanly donate to GG they get a special rank no one else can have. We are talking 100+ here. Why this rank is good .... ehmm .... ehhhhh... It is pretty.

    THE: Ultra Trusted/Ultra Ret. - For those people who still very active on GG but also have had the rank for ages yet still don't go for staff ranks.
    Extra perks. The option to rev yourself ONLY. (But zunni wont that be unfair to the other members?)
    My answer. Yes. Learn it.
    But do the ultra trusted and ultra ret not deserve it for constanly being active on GG. You bet. (invluded you zunni) thank you weird Narrator in my head.

    THE: Shit Rank .... ..... .... .... .... yeb .... ehmm ...... Who came up with this idea again... I forgot? Anyway. I think it was a rank for those who were reg but they were being dicks or shits or something like that.... Just skip this one. Even though I have the feeling many want this rank as a joke -_-

    THE: Player of the week/Trusted/Donator Player of the week rank. Pretty much just a pink name that says player of the week.... once again not my idea but some people just LOVE the color PINK as a rank.

    That was it.
    To finish this New Discussion of. I am now a ret so I tend to troll every now and then... now.
    Yeah Soz if I nutshaked anyone with this new post .... orrr ehhh ehmmm ... kicked you in the cave? Trying not to be man focused ... I just shut up now sinse I go deeper and .... AHHH SHUT IT ZUNNI!!
  • The ret rank got new powers!

  • Community Update #7 - The Zunni Edition

    Thx for the kind words <3 it was my plesure.