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  • Jonny admin abuse

    Just to wrap this up, I have a few points to address. Firstly, you shouldn't have a key bound to whisper to everyone as that's blatant abuse of the whisper function. Secondly, you can't say that it was a mistake that you had a key bound to whisper everyone, accidentally press it, then say "noobs" and disconnect literally seconds after doing so. It's pretty hard to manage to chain those events together by accident. You know how to make a proper complaint as @‌Inge said. It's not difficult and you know how to do so. You've been banned in the past before as far as I know and the fact that you've posted this on the forums to cause some conflict doesn't make me want to remove/decrease the length of your ban any time soon. It only makes me want to increase it.
  • Edit Your Forum Posts

    The way it was before it was changed (if it even has been yet) was that you could only edit your forum post up to an hour after you had posted it. This prevented people from being able to completely change the subject of a post at any time after it was posted. Originally, the hour was allowed so that if you had made a typo or wanted to change something small, you could do. It wasn't to try and punish people for making mistakes in posts.

    As far as I am aware, there is an option somewhere to allow people to edit their posts for as long as they like after it was originally posted but I can't check as I've had my access removed.
  • Did you know?

    I hate people who resurrect old threads.
  • Staff of the Week 20/04/2015 - 27/04/2015 - Erin

    Congratulations to this week's winner @Erincl‌! She is always approachable and friendly to everyone on our servers and on TeamSpeak. She will always help to try and solve a problem if you have one and is always happy to talk and play games with. She is a valuable member of our staff team as she moderates the server to the best of her ability and always finds time to play.

    Her quote is: "Yolo"

    Well done!
  • Player of the Week 18/04/2015 - 25/04/2015 - Chef‌

    Congratulations to this week's winner @Chef‌ ! He has recently been spending a lot of time on all of the different game-modes that we offer here at Gentlemen Gamers. As well as that he is also very active on TeamSpeak, regularly being available to talk to and play with. @Chef is always friendly towards new and existing members alike and is always happy to lend a helping hand if someone needs it.

    He will receive his Player of the Week item in-game.

    Well done!