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  • A small video of people from GG playing CS:GO

    @Sonic_Cloud OY what happened to our date??? @Zunni @Inge and I are still waiting :-P

    **This is valuable... shoosh**
  • Community Update #22

    Made rather close to the last one, but @Angi was unable to make hers any sooner hence it was late last week. But heres this one - which is supposed ot be @Portal 's but seeing as he "Despises" doing them, I opted to put him out of his misery.


    We are looking to get yet another server for ourselves soon - this time another Minecraft server. A "Prison server" as I haev been told.
    Our trusty Owner Sonic had these wise and all knowledgeable words to part about this brand new server
    “Ask Duck 'cause I don’t know what the bleep is going on. There's a Tesco apparently; there's a shop system and a whole prison thing that i don’t understand and there's shit you need to do to rank up”
    This is also about all I know about this server too and so I did as Mr Owner said and asked Duck.
    Duck: Alright, as you heard from Sonic, that this server is a Minecraft OP Prison server which involves Shop names, we have 26 Shop Mines; first, you are in a bus, which you were asleep for 2-3 hours and you heard commotion on the bus that someone left and ran to Tescos (26th mine) and you have to make your way there to get him back. Second, there will also be a Prestiging system which is basically fun and getting better pickaxes. Third, there will be another GG Forums for Minecraft for the store for Keys and cosmetics. Also a PvP arena. Idk what else to explain.

    So yeah..... This should be up for testing for Trusted and above come Friday. Feel free to pester @Duck allll about it for more information.

    Sonic will also be going away as of Monday the 14th till the 22nd. He will be back two days then gone again for another week. For us this means that no updates will be done to the server during this time. No nice new toys to play with unfortunately. It is up to @Angi , @Portal and myself to keep us from crashing to the ground.


    Jailbreak hasn't had allot added to it. We will be getting two new maps to have a look at tomorrow morning.

    We are still keeping people coming - keep up the work all :-)

    12.03 hours (Conisdering I downloaded a lovely virus on my PC..... im still verrry happy with myself.)
    8.23 Hours (Good ducky.)
    8.16 hours (Nice to see you got your time this week :-D )
    6.20 hours (Close enough)
    @GentleMEEM - (GentlePshyco)
    5.38 hours ( Hmmmmmmm)


    As Angi was sick and away from the Admin meeting, I do not actually know anything that has been done. I know Sonic will be adding two maps tomorrow for her.

    Still getting players in. Good job you guys

    4.06 hours (Angi informs us she has been doing a lot of house painting recently which sure is tiring and a big time spender)
    5.38 hours (Is on holiday for 2 weeks I am informed)
    @TheMinister_ (Flux)
    7.31 hours (Nice and solid. Good time. On holiday as well :-O )
    8.43 hours (Nice job :-) )


    All B-hop maps now have times so the leaderboards will work. The current leaderboards are also being re-set as of tomorrow morning.


    Nothing specific added to Deathrun as far as I know.

    Quiet.. but people are still coming in from time to time.


    Again, Mini-server work is being put into B-hop right now and so there are no updates here either.

    Quieter again... Remember Murder and Deathrun too, MS staffy people.

    0.44 minutes (Portal went away on a little holiday recently)
    0 hours (Logic is still on holiday lucky girl)
    1.37 hours (Umpire recently (today) got a new laptop and so has been re-downloading all his stuff as well as spending most of his time in B-hop where we can not yet count the hours)
    @Yuri_Katsuki (Kat/RubyRose/DeathTheKid)
    4.51 hours (Quote from Portal "Kat has not been here")

    Player of The Week

    I am hapopy to announce that yet again @ShootingStar recieved Playert of the week for how active, friendly and talkative he is on all of our servers.
    We also had two runners up this week, @Zunni and DavidThaFirst.

    Congratulations to you all :-D
  • Community Update #20

    @Angi - All fixed, hours and new stuff :-D

    @TheUmpire - Also fixed. Thanks for telling me - Portal said nothing.

    @ShootingStar - Yeah... we have no ability to change names on here so i'm stuck with my old name as confusing as it is ;-; - and congrats on your wings ;-D

    @Borthy - The only reason I had those comments was because no-one told me they were away. And allowing the community to see that the staff ARE online and active is a good thing. Therefor i'mma continue doing this.
  • The Star is here

    Veterans are Toilet cleaners who cant clean toilets 7 hours a week anymore, only 3.

    Retireds are the salty toilet cleaners who no longer WANT to clean toilets.