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  • Announcements #17 - The Queen's Update

    So Sonic has decided it would be better for all you guys if people you actually SEE on the servers are the ones informing you of the updates. And being the newest and baby Admin, I was elected as the first one. And so I have No idea what I am doing.

    So new this week, @Sonic_Cloud has obviously got back from his long "vacation" and has been working on behind the scenes making sure the servers all work stuff. I am sure you have noticed the lack of suddenly being demoted to guests recently.... that's one big thing he did for us =)

    There has also been a big update to the Jukebox. There is now an idle playlist so it always plays music in the background, shuffling through what is available in the playlist. You can still add music you want to play on top of this. < And in so depending on your rank you can now add more songs at a time.

    Guest = 2,
    Member = 4,
    Regular = 5,
    Trusted = 6,
    Donator = 6
    Retired = 6
    Trusted Donator = 7,
    Veteran = 8,
    Moderator = 8,
    Admin, = 10,
    SuperAdmin = 10,
    Owner = 1000,

    And as of tomorrow these should also be the same for requesting songs (More work for us Admins.... yey? :#)

    Now onto the specific servers.


    As my first week as Admin on Jailbreak, I may be a bit biased..... but MEH.

    Unfortunately, @Owiedoodle stepped down as Jan and I now a very respected Retired old man. We will miss you, Owie.
    @Duck Has started his trial as of the 11th June. Good luck and welcome to the team.
    We have also got three new maps added to map rotation, so hopefully, we will have some fun with these. And there are a couple others for testing which I will do On Friday night for anyone who wishes to have a look.
    We have also had a map removed, "Campus."

    As we can see, Jailbreak is still doing pretty badly in players... but (As quoted from @Sonic_Cloud) "Are better than last week")

    Staff Hours

    23 hours ( :o I need to get a life..... like seriously)

    4 hours ( Due to recent exams, these hours are excused)

    18 hours (Well above the needed 7, well-done =) )

    Mini Servers
    The mini-servers have also had a few new things added.
    There have been a few maps removed from Murder and Deathrun.
    There have been some new maps to Deathrun and there will be a testing night but you will need to get in contact with @Borthy for updates on when that will be.
    Murder got a cool new double jump feature very fun to play around with. There are also now custom names on Murder.
    Mini servers have also gained two new staff after @Oriichilari left. @TheUmpire and @Yuri_Katsuki (DeaththeKid/Kat/RubyRose/Kat) Have joined the mini-server staff as trial Jan.

    As you can see murder stats are doing VERRRY well and I have to say I have also been a big help here =)

    Deathrun is also doing good.

    Staff Hours

    16 hours (Nice. Good.)

    10 hours. (Good Jan hours.)

    6 hours (A liiiiitle behind on the seven hours but very far up there still)

    22 hours (That's purdy dang close to my hours....... @Borthy you are meant to have MORE hours than your staff :p )

    25 hours (Yeah...... good luck Borth. You are beaten.)

    Trouble In Terrorist Town

    TTT hasn't been doing well this week at all.

    Staff Hours

    0 hours (Got a brand new job =) CONGRATSSSS and so has not been able to play unfortunately.)

    0 hours (..... *Birdies tweeting* )

    So...... that has taken me 2 hours and 15 mins to write. I am Sorry @Kodi you can add more to TTT when its your turn to write this but I am TIRED and my fingers hurt from all this typing.

    So I did my bit. Please inform me what you think... was I informative enough? Too informative? Did you even bother to read all of my hard work? (if not SHAME ON YOU)

    WolfQueen going to bed.
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