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We are currently in the process of buying a dedicated Gentlemen Gamers server to reduce costs, but as you might understand a piece of hardware like this comes with a hefty price tag. From Monday 11th August (18:00 BST) we will be offering triple points to all donations, so instead of getting 100 points per pound you will now get 300! We will also now be offering access to a view of the new server being built, with pictures every step of the way.

You can donate here:

Gentlemen Gamers Staff


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    I’m currently in the process of buying the hardware for our new server. We really need donations to help cover the costs of buying the equipment necessary to do this. I’ll be opening a blog to document every step of the way from delivery, configuring and driving down to reading to install it. Your donations would be greatly appreciated to help GG grow.
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    As you can see from this discussion we actually do really appreciate your donations and use the money towards improving the server. We pay for our drug addictions out of our own pocket.
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    Meth is just so moreish
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    Hey guys, so update on the new server, we still really need donations! So please if you can donate I would really appreciate it.

    The server arrived and I've been busy configuring it, you can read about it on my blog here:
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    This offer is now over and donations have gone back to the normal amount of points per pound.

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    Boo hoo
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