Gmod TTT blue transparent playermodel bug fix

DieselDiesel Posts: 21Community_Member
Hi everyone,

Two nights ago I came across a horrible bug in TTT that made playermodels appear like this:

As others were not experiencing it, I was determined it was a client-side issue and began making numerous changes to gmod, including changing the direct x version, turning off anti-aliasing, deleting all downloaded content and other extensive things including re-installing gmod but none of these worked.

BUT THEN I came across a thread hidden deep within the internet showing a user complaing on GMODTower forums that the GMODTower addons had caused him to see playermodels blue and transparent. I went ahead and unsubscribed to all GMODTower addons and ran "menu_cleanupgmas" in the gmod console and it was fixed.

I wanted to post this incase anyone else out there is having the problem as it is really an annoying issue and hinders gameplay experience and took me a while to figure out how to fix.


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