I am triggered abou ther alty of nt bing ale to edit on forums

sgTwatazsgTwataz Posts: 67Community_Member
Hi, I am fucking triggered by not being able to edit my post after I post it, This is because of 2 reasons, I write fast and i make a lot of mistakes because im a retarded, this means i cant correct myself after fact of the thing, Also what if I am taling about the size of my dick, and i am meant to write 11 inches but I post 1 inch in stead, what will they think.

Please take this comment for evaluation from our lord and savior Joe. Alderon


  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    We do not allow users to edit their posts so that they can be made fun of after making themselves look like twats.

    Thanks, Jow
  • sgTwatazsgTwataz Posts: 67Community_Member
    I agree That I am a Twat and many other things, but edit is vital so stuff can be made grammatically correct, and have some sort of order.
  • NICHOLLTRONNICHOLLTRON Posts: 409Community_Member

    Thanks, Jow

    You mean like that? ;)
  • NICHOLLTRONNICHOLLTRON Posts: 409Community_Member
    Oh that wasn't on purpose.
  • sgTwatazsgTwataz Posts: 67Community_Member
    Its a learning curve for all.
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    Thanks for ruining yet another one of my humourous posts. One day you will learn... One day.
  • 2 months later
  • BobinRasterdsBobinRasterds Posts: 563Community_Member
    Can you please explain the irony in your title I don't understand it.
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    A little late for a comment dont you think bobster?
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