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Lately I have been seeing alot of misuse of the Teamspeak Private Lounges, and I'd just like to clear a few things up so that everyone knows when Private Chat Lounges are to be used.

-Under no circumstance are Private Lounges to be used if you are trying to avoid someone. If a member of the community has been a nuisance to you, you can always make a complaint by right clicking on their name and clicking "Make a Complaint". If a problem with another member of the community does not go away, Staff can be contacted to resolve the issue.
-Private Chat Lounges cannot be used when you are playing a game and do not wish to be disturbed. Popular games already have Lounges specifically made for them, and if a game is becoming more popular, once again, someone can be contacted to make a new lounge.

What they can be used for is having personal private chats with other members of the community. If the need be that you have been in a Private Lounge for over an hour, for the allowed reasons, and you need more time, you may request more from any member of staff who has asked you to leave. And please understand, if you have been in the Private Chat Lounge for longer than the extended time, it is probably best that you have your conversation with the person you're with by using other methods, such as Skype and Google Hangouts.

I do hope that I have clearly explained how Privates are meant to be used and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask them.


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    Capital letters make things seem scary so I'm going to behave ;)
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