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Today i went on the server and said the following things:
Yes, I agree. I offended a guy on the server.
A moment later i asked SGT Wataz if hes braces were removed, This was not to insult him. this was serious. ( I didn't say it in a funny way or anything)
Sadly i got gagged.

I reconnected, I know it's DCTAP But i wanted to tell him that i didn't mean to offend him.
Seconds after (Aka he didn't even care i apologixed) He banned me for a couple of days for Disrespect and DCTAP.
Now i might get the DCTAP, But i had no other choice to say that i didn't mean it in that way.
After this i heard a friend saying he said i was being a dick in general, Which i don't recall.

I don't care about the ban, I just think SGT Wataz is not rightfull in hes actions and shouldn't be given such power.

Admin SC3

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