Everything you need to now about me

blodosblodos Posts: 19Veteran
Hello my name is Adam in real life and my name on steam is Blodos. The reason why name is Blodos is because when I first got a laptop the first game I got was minecraft my name on it was supposed to be Blondos, but when I first played the game I realized I spelt it wrong so I decided to keep it to Blodos. I live in Wales which is in the Uk I have no brothers or sisters if you want to know more about me just ask on teamspeak or messeage me on steam.

Ive been on gentlemen gamers for a couple of months and ive have enjoyed talking to people on teamspeak and on the servers I have never met a better community in my life. At the momment I am a truseted I try my best to make people laugh im a kind person who is easy to get to know and I well try my best to help you on the servers as best as I can also you will find me on teamspeak or ttt or even JailBreak.


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