Hello beautiful people

ProtoNephilim_WouterProtoNephilim_Wouter Posts: 25Community_Member
Hi my name is Wouter, also known als Proto-Nephilim Wouter ingame.

For the people wandering wherefrom I get my name. It's a reference to an old game called Tomb Raider 6, Angel of Darkness. Where an end-boss is called the Proto-Nephilim. It is a little reference to my past as me and my friends were struggling to defeat it.
Finally after we did it I started to call myself the Proto Killer or Proto-Nephilim.

I now play on the Gentlemen Gamers community for a few months and enjoyed it so much I decided to become member and join the forums :).

I am from the Netherlands and live with my 2 younger sisters and parents (for now :p).
I study business engineering at my local university of applied sciences and enjoy it very much.

My favourite dish would be a mexican rise meal with blended corn sause and fish. Let me know what your favourite dish is :)


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