TS Noob Here...

OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
Hi, I just got TS because I didn't have it before (don't know why) and am having a bit of a wonder. A couple of weeks back, I bought a donator rank and am a donator on the servers. Should this appear on the TS thing because I'm just a guest.


  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    Oh wait.. TS doesn't have my Steam ID xD.

    Sherlock cracked the case lel. My name is, believe it or not, Officially. I'm not sure if there's a TS ID or anything, but yeah.
  • greygrey Posts: 41Community_Member
    To get your donator rank ask a staff member who is on ts
  • CammisCammis Posts: 161Community_Member
    I told you when I found you confused on ts entrance room
  • HardcoreHostileHardcoreHostile Posts: 1,100Community_Member
    If you still don't have it then it looks as though you will need to ask an Admin +, I only have the ability to set Trusted and Member
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
  • munchkinatermunchkinater Posts: 583Community_Member
    Yeah the TS and gmod ranks don't sync automatically. This is either because it can't be done, or much more likely, we don't know how.
  • BobinRasterdsBobinRasterds Posts: 563Community_Member
    probably more effort than it's worth, and effort is a disease.
  • JonnyJonny Posts: 307Community_Member
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