Tutorial: Transferring an Identity to another PC

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Do you use TeamSpeak on your mobile or more than one computer? Then this is the process you will have to go through in the next few weeks to ensure that you are not affected by the upcoming TeamSpeak Database Cleanup.

Firstly, to get the identity file from your specific TeamSpeak identity, you need to click "Settings" and go to "Identities" as shown below. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + I.


This should bring up a window that looks like this.


If you've connected to Gentlemen Gamers' TeamSpeak before, you'll have the correct security level needed. You'll see on the picture above that my security level is 29. We have a threshold of 25 to be able to join our TeamSpeak server. This prevents people from creating new identities using VPNs to be able to come back straight away. By default, a new TeamSpeak identity will have a security level anywhere from 9-12. The amount of time to improve this to 25 is around 45 seconds however it can be more and sometimes less. It should not take over two minutes. To improve your security level, press the improve button and set it to 25, however if you try to join our server it should make you improve your security level so you can join and this will be automatic.

NOTE: If you want to improve your security level past 25 by all means you can do so but be warned that security levels of around 35 will take up to 15 days to complete.

If you are improving your security level, it should look like the below image.


Once your security level is high enough, you need to export your identity into a file that can be moved to your phone or another computer. To do this you need to press the "Export" button in the top right on the identities page.


It should then come up with a warning to tell you not to send this file to anyone. Please don't, because this causes a lot of problems for us. Please keep this file to yourself and only yourself. If somebody gets hold of this file, they can impersonate you on any TeamSpeak server, anywhere.

Once you have dismissed this message, find a place to save it on your hard drive that you will remember. You want to keep one of these files and not have multiple of them lying around.

You now need to go to your second computer and open the identities tab as shown earlier. You then need to complete the process by clicking the "Import" button to the left of the "Export" button and finding where you have saved the identity file (.ini). You have now successfully copied your identity over and should have all your permissions on any server you had permissions on with your first computer.

If this did not work, you need to select the identity in your bookmarks tab. To do this you need to open up the bookmarks. To do this you need to press "Bookmarks" and then "Manage Bookmarks" or alternatively you can press CTRL + B.


Once you have opened this tab, you need to go to your selected TeamSpeak bookmark that you already use. Press "More" and the below window should come up. You then need to press the "Identity" drop-down box and choose the identity that you transferred.


If you do not use TeamSpeak bookmarks, you need to go the connect section, press "More" and then select your identity via the same way. A picture of this is shown below.


Congratulations! You are now using the same TeamSpeak identity across two computers. Anything you change on the first will be changed on the second and vice versa. You can do this for as many computers as is needed.

Having issues? Send me a message on the forums or send me an e-mail.

If you are looking to transfer an identity to a mobile device, please follow this tutorial.
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