A life in a day of a man who may or may not be named SGT wataz but probably is named Kieran

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morning to all who is reading. This is a disscution about this wonderful beautiful man who is know as SGT wataz. my real name is actually Kieran Watson and i am a boy currently under taking my GCSE at year 11. The GCSE i take is English literature and language, Maths, Core science (B), Additional science, Spanish, Business studies, Geography and of course ICT . I was born after my mum and dad met but before i started writing this, on the 4th of April 1999. I got my username from an art class which must of gone weird as i don't remember it. I joined Gentlemen gaming in-between November and December. Plus i became Trusted on the 03/02/2015. Any question ill happily answer below.
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