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These rules are correct as of 24/4/2017 and the Mini Servers Staff have full discretion over these rules and may interpret them in a way that they see correct.

Gentlemen Gamers Server rules
These rules are in place across all Gentlemen Gamers servers.
If you need to report someone, please use the admin chat. Staff are more likely to see your issue. To use admin chat, put the @ symbol before your message.
  • No voice or text spam.
  • Racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour is not tolerated, EVER.
  • Do not disrespect other players.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • No ghosting (giving players in game information that they would not usually know).
  • No vote-kicking when there are active members of staff online.
  • No prop-surfing.
  • No offensive sprays.
  • Impersonating staff or players is not tolerated.
Mini Servers Staff
- coutini
- Borthy
- Oriichilari
- LogicPolice
- Bewbicorn

What is Deathrun?
What is Deathrun?
In Deathrun, you will automatically be assigned to a team each round. These teams are broken up into two categories: “Runners” and “Deaths”. These teams have their own specific intentions on what to do.

The intention of the Runner is to make it through an obstacle course. The Deaths control the obstacle course by pressing buttons that control the traps. These traps will vary from map to map and they won’t all be the same type of trap. The Runners try to trick the Deaths into thinking that they are going to jump in the trap by any way possible. The Deaths try to get the runners killed with these traps. At the end of each obstacle course there is a “final challenge” for both Runners and Deaths. In most cases the Runners have a small or big advantage. The round ends when either all Runners get killed in the traps or when there is a no one left in a team in the final challenge.

  • Do not time-waste or deliberately delay the round.
  • Do not run ahead and set off traps before the runners reach that point (trapspamming).
  • Do not use traps that other deaths have claimed by standing near it (trapstealing).
  • Do not block traps so that other deaths cannot press the button.
  • Do not leave death areas when you are a death.
  • Do not avoid being a death (e.g by killing yourself, leaving and rejoining etc.)
  • Do not exploit the map.
  • If when you roll the dice you are ignited, do not walk or fly around to attempt to kill other runners/deaths.
  • Do not spawn camp.
Freeruns are allowed on our server but they are also subject to their own rules
  • Freeruns must be given before the use of any traps, you cannot give freeruns after using a trap.
  • Calling freeruns every time you are death will be considered death avoiding.
  • Once you call a freerun, you are not allowed to “change your mind”, once called, a freerun lasts the whole round no exceptions.
  • You cannot call a freerun for specific people, freeruns apply to everyone in the server, or no one.
  • If there is more than one death, and one decides to call a freerun, it does not mean the other death(s) must adhere to the freerun. And once seeing the other deaths continue to use traps, the death who called a freerun can then use traps again. It is up to the runners to keep track of who has or has not called a freerun.

How will I be punished if I do not follow the rules correctly?
  • After your first offence you will be slain, muted or gagged as a warning. These punishments will be given out depending on the rule broken.
  • If you continue to break the rules, you will be kicked from the server.
  • If after being kicked you persist doing what you have been asked not to do, you will be banned, the length of the ban depending on the severity of the issue.
If you feel there should be an addition to these rules, please contact @Borthy .


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