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How to play
Jailbreak is a game mode that involves a team of Guards and Prisoners.

At the beginning of each round, a warden is chosen from the guard team. They are the 'head guard' and it is their responsibility to give orders for the prisoners to complete. The other guards simply enforce the warden's rules. The warden must give an order before 7:30 or before the cell doors open, otherwise it is declared a Free day

The prisoners can choose to either obey the warden's commands for a chance to compete for a Last Request or rebel against the guards to try overthrow them.

The warden's job is to eliminate the prisoners one by one by making them compete in activities against each other. Some popular activities to play can be found in our Tips and Tricks. The last prisoner standing will receive a Last Request, providing that the warden is still alive at the end of the round.

Using the function (F) keys
  • F1 - Open the Help + Options menu. Here you can view the rules and tweak your personal Jailbreak preferences.
  • F2 - Enter the Guards or Prisoners team.
  • F4 - Choose a last request/Claim warden (Depending on your team)
  • C - Hold down 'C' as the warden to place waypoints and/or split the prisoners into teams.
Tips for Prisoners
  • Don't spam the global chat with claims of RDM if you have been unfairly killed. Report this to a member of staff by using the admin chat instead. (start your message with @)
  • Be truthful if you are RDMed, do not falsely report guards
  • When rebelling, be sure to make good use of the map's vent systems to go unnoticed by the Guards.
  • On a free day, keep your weapons hidden until you are ready to strike!
Tips for Guards
  • Be sure to keep moving around the map, briefly checking vents and other areas for escapees
  • Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. This ensures you can dive for cover if need be
  • Always have at least one guard with the warden to offer protection. The warden is the biggest target for rebellious prisoners
Activities to set as a warden
  • Simon Says - do as Simon says, but be careful as he will try to trick you! If you fail to complete a command you will be killed and depending on Simon's command, you may be killed if you are the last one to finish!
  • Shoot or Don't Shoot - The warden will walk along a line of prisoners that are facing a wall. He will then call on a random prisoner and ask them if he should shoot or don't shoot. If they say shoot, the warden will kill the prisoner he is looking at. If the prisoner tells the warden don't shoot then he will select another person to aim at and repeat the process. If the command don't shoot is given three times in a row then the prisoner who said don't shoot will be shot.
  • War Day - Charge! The warden will tell all guards to go and fortify a camp in a specific place of the map and then the prisoners will collect guns and try and kill all of the guards. The day continues even if the warden dies.
  • Duck Hunt - prisoners jump from the diving boards into the pools below and the guards have to try and kill them with the gun specified by the warden.
  • Hide and Seek - in this game prisoners hide and then the guards have to find them. If a guard finds a prisoner he may kill them. The game continues until all the prisoners are dead or the warden calls it off. If the warden died during the day, Hide and Seek carries on.
  • Salty Spittoon - Report for Duty, Soldier! In this game you have to tell the commander how tough you are and if he thinks you are not tough enough, get ready to eat lead! This game is adapted from Spongebob.
  • Kitchen Mayhem - this game is like whack-a-mole and involved you duck up and down behind the counter in the Black Ops kitchen. The guards shoot at you with Desert Eagles when the order is given.
  • Joke Day - prisoners have to make the warden laugh with their jokes. If he likes your joke then you survive the round!
  • Hunger Games - On a hunger games day all the guards go to a location where they will be jailed - preferably in the medic room - (aka safe from the prisoners). The warden will then activate friendly fire after a certain amount of time and the last prisoner alive gets LR.
  • Purge Day - Free for all! The warden will enable friendly fire after a given time and open the cells. The last prisoner will receive LR (If the warden is still alive)
  • Other games may be played whilst on Jailbreak that are not listed here
If you would like to see something added to this list, please contact Rose

Check your play time via !playtime
The days available to all wardens (including those with no microphone) are explained below:
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