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I have been informed by Zunni that he does not know what all the commands and keys on the server do - and so I have been order-ASKED to write a list.

I will start with the F keys.
F1 = Help tab. This includes brief Jailbreak rules and cross-hair options.
F2 = Change team. This allows you to change to prisoner, guard or spectator.
F3 = This opens the shop. The shop can also be opened with the command "!Shop"
F4 = this has two functions. For a prisoner, if they are the last alive, tehy can choose a Death request. For a warden it allows
them extra control over the prison - they can turn Friendly Fire off and on as well as if people can pick up objects or not.

F5 = This allows you to view your achievements. You can also see them in !achievements
F6 =
F7 = This opens the time ranking box.
F8 =

F9 =
F10 =
F11 =
F12 =

Typed commands
@ = this allows you to send a message top the connected staff. The message appears green and is easier for staff to notice.
!p = This allows you to send a private message to a player on the server. This is enabled for Newie and up.
!menu = this contains a list of act commands you are able to do.
!rtv = also works with rtv this allows you to start a vote to change the map.
!casino = allows you to play our casino games - Roulette, Slots and fall. This uses pointshop points.
!rewards = gain rewards for certain activities on the server.
!jukebox = opens the jukebox. You can choose songs to listen to or request new songs.
!streaks = view your daily login streaks.

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