Official Gentlemen Gamers Discord

Starting now , i would like everyone to know that we are opening our Discord Server

You can connect to it via this invite link:

But wait, i thought you already had a discord?
Well yes and no. Technically we have been using a Discord server under the name Gentlemen Gamers, however we never actually made this server, This server was made by the rust team we joined up with. But ultimately this was their server with their players, friends and rules. Although i was very nice for them to allow us to squat on there, we figured it was time for us to leave the nest and make our own server, that we can format how we want.

So whats different about this new server VS their server?
We have ultimate control over the server, not that we didnt before, but we didnt feel comfortable changing too much.
Well the our server will be more for community communication.
We have several text lounges for group chats and organising game nights and other fun stuff like that and a couple of voice channels for you hardcore discord users.

So i would very much suggest if you want get back in to the community, download the discord mobile app and join us.

Since this is very new server, nobody has any roles or ranks, so to get your rank sorted just pm me or any of the admins your steam name and Id and we will sort it out for you.

But what about the old server?
The old server will return back to @Smile and he will use it for personal stuff, nobody will be getting kicked or banned, but this won't be a GG server anymore.

So come on in, and hang out. Especially since we are having a game of rust tonight :3
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