Chance on playing a VR game that still have not gone out to the puplic

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Hi everyone Zunni here.
I am making a small survey about games in general and ask "How does it all work out?" for a small danish company that makes Virtual Reality games.

I normally don't advertize and whatever here on GG / forums cause I feel it is like a dick move but I am not asking for you guys to spend money or visit anything and spend tons of time.
It is a small survey that takes about 20 sec to answer and I can give a demo version of the game that have not gotten in the stores yet 2-3 weeks before it is reliesed to one of the people who are in the survey.

I would be very glad if you would answer if.
Thanks a lot everyone and have a great day :)
Just copy paste the link below into a browser window and answer the survey :D


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