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Hey everyone,

As some of you already know I have been the Admin of Jailbreak for quite some time, now. JB is sadly having problems populating (although the last week has been looking up :-D )
My biggest problem is that I need more staff who are dedicated to getting people playing JB again.

That's why the conditions to apply for JB Janitor are changing for a little while.
Below here I will put down the conditions you need to meet to apply for JB Janitor (for this moment).

These 3 conditions, that are also in the normal Janitor application, need to be met:
1) You must be able to play at least 1 hour a day (average) on the server.
2) You must understand the rules of the server you are applying for, and have a basic knowledge of the others.
Be aware that JB Staff experience isn't needed. I can always teach you how to moderate on JB.
3) You should be active on our TeamSpeak server.
4) You must have a forums account.
5)You must have played at least 5 hours in the last week (this is recorded in Game tracker)

Normally only Trusted Members can apply for Janitor, but because I am in the need for JB Janitors every Regular/Donator can apply.
This will be the case till I have, in my opinion, enough Janitors to make JB active enough.

The link for the application is: https://gentlemen-gamers.com/applications-and-appeals/janitor-application/

If there are any questions or you want to talk about the JB Janitor application, then please post it in here or message me on Steam!

I hope to see quite some JB Janitor applications!
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