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To be honest, I always thought to myself I'd never join another community after all that happened in the past and yet I do find another one worthy. Just my luck isn't it.

All jokes aside, my name is Duncan, or Duncun, or whatever name you can come up with that gives me the giggles.

Seemed a decent idea to introduce myself seeing I already know some people on the teamspeak itself. So I'll give some info about myself so you can be baffled with all the things I've done (not really, don't be baffled for these petty accomplishments)

I'm 21 years old and already feel like 50. Currently a student in multimedia and communication technology, coding, websites, audio and video, etc. I've already been working and I'd rather study some more before dedicating my life for some low ass company that underpays me.

I've been in the army for 2 years, got sent out, decided I didn't like any kind of war or fighting so specialized in negotiating instead of frontline. I'd rather talk than fight but you know, can't always get what you want. I've seen things so if anyone has questions about the conflicts I attended in syria, iraq, etc. Please don't, I'd rather not relive it, thank you.

Anything else? Ask away, I'm glad I can meet new people in a decent community.
Blame Umpire for bringing my sorry ass in this btw, thanks Umpire ^^. (didn't tell me to introduce but still got me into this through Rocket League)

The Duncan


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