Community Update #27

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Hey everyone,

It's 5 weeks ago that I posted the last community update. A lot of things happened, so it really is time for a new one.
Also this time there are a few general things, but first I start with the servers.


TTT was very well populated the last 4 days. Hopefully we can continue this line.
Eventho @ed_that_guy is gone from the staff team I'm happy to welcome @Orbit (4 weeks ago), MelonHunter and Teddy to the TTT Staff team.


Sadly enough @Yuri_Katsuki and @alibix23 left the staff team. They are both Retired now!
On the other hand @4dcatman joined the JB Staff team, Welcome!




The Mini Servers seem to be populated every day with sometimes even a peek in popularity.
Also in this case 2 people are gone from the staff team. @Kitty and @ham are gone from the MS Staff team.
Ham is Retired and Kitty is now a Veteran!

We decided to bring back the secondary server reference requirement. Meaning that you need 2 refs from you primary server (the server you have most time on or you enjoy the most). These references can be from any active Janitor, Veteran or Admin of that server. Your third ref has to be from another server and has to be either a Jan or Admin (so no Veteran).

I tried to explain this as clear as possible, but if you have any questions about it, then please let us ( @Shewolf @Oriichilari or me) know. Next to that someone got Trusted.
Congratulations on becoming Trusted @SilentNinja !

Congratulations to @Kitty and @Djharper for becoming Veteran!

General things
Of course the part about going back to the second server reference requirement is already a general thing, but I still have 2 more.
As (some of you) already noticed your Pointshop-points are gone. We have a new Pointshop and that means that all the ''test-points'' are gone. So all of you start with an amount of 2000 Pointshop-points.
No worries though; there will be a different server where you will be able to sell your old Pointshop-items you had before the ''update''.

Next thing is that there will be new ranks. First of all there will be a sort of Trial-Janitor rank. This for the Janitors that are on Trial. They have less powers than normal Janitors. Also there will be a new rank after Veteran. It is for members of the community who are around in this community for so long that ''they are part of the funiture''/shown continued loyalty.. The name of this rank is not decided yet. Last change (not a new rank) is of Retired. Normally we give people who left the Staff team (even 1 day after passing Trial) Retired, but this won't be the case anymore. We only give Retired now to the Veterans or Janitors who step down after a period of atleast 8 weeks as Vet/Jan.
Of course this may all sound amazing, but it still needs to be accepted and fleshed out.

I hope everything is clear for you. If there are any questions about it, then you can comment on this post or just message @Oriichilari @Shewolf or me on Steam or TeamSpeak ;)


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