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Hello faithful readers of this awful thread- it's me again. So this is basically just multiple suggestions I'm putting into one thread, some have no link to each other however all the suggestions will be explained in the form of pros and cons as well as simply what the hell they are. Without blathering on, I shall begin.

T Weapon-Headcrab launcher:


Do you like headcrabs? Do you like guns? Then this is perfect for you! This delightful T-weapon fires down a rocket filled with the horrid little beasties. The effect is straight from half life as the traitors use this to form their own personal Ravenholm (Maybe this time people will think twice before going there this time). On the positive side we have the fact it's a weapon that's been around since close to the origin of TTT with numerous people adoring it- including myself. This was once a part of the server with Nicholltron as admin and was loved by players without being an insta buy. The weapon itself has two parts, the AOE damage and the disruptive section. The AOE is wonderful for killing bunched up players and is vastly different to the RPG in the sense it is a (Partially) silent weapon. While it's obviously been fired it's harder to tell who did it and is way more awesome looking as a pod of monstrous zombie making demons leap from it. This weapon means sneaky traitors don't suffer as much when dealing with a moving group of innocents when C4 would prove worthless or a waste of time. This allows AOE in a sneaky, smart way. Plus, then while the fuss is on clearing up the beasts you can slink away, or start more ending of lives. However, while I'd love to be bias I mustn't. This gun could be considered OP which is why it should have 1 shot, the RPG has three so don't complain about the imbalance it would cause being an AOE weapon. The issue people fear is glitches with it on the skybox. While I've seen this issue I've seen it sparsely meaning I discredit it. A suggestion to solve it is to add a warning so it is used at a T's own discouragement if it fails. 99% of the time I've seen it work though. To conclude this is a sneaky AOE weapon that looks amazing- older players will remember this from our server or others.

Map- aircraft


This is a map everyone will know (Probably). Just look at a single screenshot an images of helicopters, swimming pools and heartless traitors will pop into your insane little TTT driven mind. Fun. This map is just nice to play on with a T tester I view as not super scummy as it's dangerously placed in the map so it's not broken. An interactive chopper similar to the boat on Roy_The_Ship is upon it which people adore. This is simply a fun map, well sized and fairly balanced with open and closed spaces. The only issue I've seen is the odd person complaining they can't load it. We had this map before, I believe it was removed. Give it a test with the TTT crowd and see how it goes down, for me it reminds me of old times so my vision of it may be skewed (Thus test the map dear staff).

T weapon- Blink


Wait, is that a traitor a mask wearing teleporting disho- And I'm dead. Welcome to the land of the assassination aspect of TTT! This will make you feel like Corvo as you can warp (Technically you just move really fast as teleporting is hard) across maps. Pesky innocents running around like a fool on the other side of the cliff? Blink. Bang. Dead. On the positive side this is more utility based which is a nice change from all the guns. This is incredibly fun and actually useful as well- if you dare be a shotgun noob you will love this equipment. Now, a con of this is the fact some reported issues of being stuck in props however rare this should be taken into account. Once again I advise a trial period- luckily we have staff too that can TP out moronic traitors. I'll be honest, I'm a fan of the Yogscast so props to them for bringing my attention to this with a recent video.

D/T weapon- Freeze gun


So, I heard you liked the first Despicable Me movie? Then you'll love this. Shoot the target and they're frosted without the ability to move, briefly. This is a weapon available to Traitors and Detectives however in Lua it can be changed to appear in just one shop- I think it should appear in just the detectives as the Traitors have the ice knife and while the gun is better detectives could use a weapon like this for both fun and dealing with everyone giving them grief. On the positive side this is a cross between utility and a weapon as it stops people firing back however is this too overpowered? Is this a step too far forcing detectives becoming way too hard to kill for traitors? Test it out in the game and we'll find out. I will once again state I believe it should be detective only- my other suggestion in place of this are detective handcuffs which prevent someone from shooting while allowing my movement, this lasts longer compared to the short freeze effect. P.S- Kinky.

(Link to handcuffs): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=590909626&searchtext=TTT+handcuffs

One issue with this is it deletes all weapons, including T weapons however the same person cannot be cuffed twice in the same round. You could play around with Lua, or just see how it goes using them with weapon deletion.

T weapon- Turret


Is that marshmallows I smell? A camper is afoot! With this a T can drop it down as it fires upon anyone coming near. This is a weapon we once had, it's self explanatory so I won't explain too much, same goes with the pros and cons as I would hope it's easy enough to weigh up. I personally am not too bothered about this one other than giving it a test.

T utility- Dead ringer


I smell a spy, time to start roasting... Maybe the camper can help with his fire and marshmallows? To put it simply this is a utility item that, when activated, will make it so when you're shot you drop a fake body and become invisible. You remain cloaked until it runs out or it is cancelled making a loud(ish) noise. This means traitors can escape death with this useful slot8 tool.

You will notice this list is basically all weapons, they are fun for TTT and maybe, if I can drag myself to do it, I'll make a list of maps to test. And so feel free to discuss but in the end it is (obviously) down to staff. Thanks and for God's sake @Sonic_Cloud add the fedora back to point shop xxx.


  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    I mean I'm happy to try all these out if @TheUmpire likes the idea
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    *Sniff* Including the fedora my lord sonic?
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
  • CrashOverrideCrashOverride Posts: 138Community_Member
    I like the ideas... @Sonic_Cloud Perhaps the public should be allowed to vote?
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    @CrashOverride that's why we have a suggestions section on the forums. So people can say what they want instead of us guessing
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    @Djharper thanks for your suggestions DJ! I see a lot of nice suggestions I reckonize.

    @CrashOverride I already said, in Community Update #26, that if you want a community meeting you should let me know. I definitely don't mind a community meeting if (a lot of) people are up for it.

    But I will do, if there will be one, the community meeting the exact same as I do the Trusted meeting now. This means you can suggest something in the community meeting (or on the forums and that will be discussed in the community meeting). If you suggested it the community meeting will vote whether or not they like the idea. If the idea is liked it will go to the staff meeting where my staff team and I decide whether we accept the idea or not.
    (This because all of the past experiences I had with community meetings).
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    Also did the weapon holstering change @TheUmpire ?
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    edited October 2017
    Again thanks for your suggestions @Djharper and still congrats as Vet <3.
    The suggestions ''Headcrab Launcher'', ''Aircraft'', ''Freeze Gun'' and ''Deadringer'' will be added.
    ''Turret'' was already in the server
    And the ''Gun holstering'' will be removed.
  • 7 days later
  • SilentNinjaSilentNinja Posts: 7Community_Member
    I would like to request that we get a t weapon that is a selectable weapon, you can choose bacon, sombreros, fedoras or the holy bench in remembrance of the good old days in jb seen as its dead now jb and ttt is where its at thanks to @TheUmpire , which launches said item across the map, obviously this doesn't exist but just re skin the melon launcher or something idk, you magicians figure something out
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    kudos to the bacon part
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