Community Update #26

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Hey everyone,

Since it's almost 3 weeks ago that a community update has been posted and 26 is my favorite number I decided to write a community update. It's my first one, so I hope you find all the information you want to know.
Before I start with a few general things, I first will focus on the servers.

As you might already know if you checked the forums before this post I am the new Admin for TTT (since last week Monday).
I started with 0 Janitors, but I am happy to welcome @ed_that_guy to my Staff team.

I am happy that we managed to get some people on this week, but it's way too less in my opinion.
I hope Ed and I can keep getting people on in the hope more will join.
Eventually also hoping that someone else will give some extra power to the TTT Staff team.

3 weeks ago a lot of people joined the Jailbreak Staff team. Sadly enough @SpookySkeleton decided to step down; he is Retired now.
Next to that @ed_that_guy switched to TTT Janitor as I mentioned above.

Jailbreak seems to do quite okay; it had every day 10 people online, with yesterday even 15 people!
Keep on working and I guess that if you have 10 people online every day, more people will join eventually.

Mini Servers had a big major change: @Portal sadly decided to step down.
@Oriichilari will take his place and he is the new MS Admin! Welcome!
@ham posted 1,5 weeks ago that he left the MS Staff team, but he is back as Mini-Servers Staff.
Furthermore no changes in the MS Staff.

Deathrun seems to get people in every day, but not much every day, whilst Murder has days where no one joins.
Hopefully (new) people will join (back), so MS also has quite a lot of people online.

Now some general things.
Firstly @Sonic_Cloud is busy with some personal things, so that's why things take some extra time.
He is working already on some things and the major problems on the Pointshop should be fixed.
If there is anything you want to see changed/added/removed, then please let us (WolfQueen, Orii or me) know, so we can contact Sonic about it.

If you want to have a Community Meeting, then I'm perfectly fine to host one, but for me (seeing how TTT goes) I want to host one when we actually have people coming back on the server.

That brings me to the point that, sadly enough, we have no new Regulars or Trusted.
No one donated as well. So I hope that if we have servers with new people on again, that they will go for Regular and Trusted some day.
There is no POTW at the moment, because there is nothing we can't give them at the moment (no wings etc), so if we can again and we can suggest a POTW, then we will.

The last thing to say is that we hope we can write a Community Update every week, but we only can when something happened.

I hope everything is clear for you. If there are any questions about it, then you can comment on this post or just message me on Steam!


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