Why I Left Buzzfeed. ..

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Right, so I thought I'd do a proper good meme for a leaving message and I had it all planned out in my head and shit but whatever, I do probs need to mention some names and stuff.

So noone remembers me (lmao) but I started playing in 2014 November ish time with Chef and Oscars and all the old ones that some of you'll remember. I'm not gonna really mention anyone there because noone there'll read this except bloody Portal because he's the only one left really. I had a mad break and came back to a brand new set of staff and no remembrance that I even existed which was great

I mucked about with Rose, Charlyboo, Bobbyfreddy and JJ for a bit until all that Charlyboo stuff kicked off and we all kinda parted and shit.

But then I found myself playing with Borthy, Tom, Kitty, Logic, PANDA (may the lord grant mercy on his soul) and all the peeps you all probably know. Cheers for all the laughs bois, made a bunch of shit feel better.

I'm leaving now because lots of stuff I gotta do has been building up and it's gonna take a hella long time to fix it all so cheers everyone but I gotta go now, I'll probs be back in a while, hope you're all still there.
(If the server doesn't die by then)

Cya boyos
- the creator of "you're mom twelve bro"
Your nan's a virgin bro
Panda's mom jeff


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