Quiz event. - 19th November

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I can't do announcements so FUCK IT I do a small Chit chat instead. ..or @Shewolf can kindly do it for me…

Hi all I am planning a small GG quiz soon on TS. A small quiz about GG related stuff and a few irrelevant questions. There will be around 25 questions. Maybe less maybe more.

No first prize only bragging rights if you win. Hopefully people can have a little fun while talking about old times or "ha! I remember that" or maybe thinking "Wow zunni ... you are SHIT at being Gamemaster" anyway.

Just something I made for the fun of it - a little for the old guys and a little for the new guys.
I won’t lie to anyone when I say there prop won’t be that many TTT related questions since ehhh.. I have 0.5 experience in TTT and only a few Mini server questions. :I

FEAR NOT. I have called for help.

@TheUmpire will be my co-host and make sure that I/we will remember to have questions from all the servers included and not to be focused on Jb and Bacon “mmmm”.

Neither I nor Umpire can compete in this little "quiz" we are making but we will oversee it.

Hope people are fresh for this small idea. A date for the quiz will come in the near future.


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    there you go, @Zunni
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    top kek body is 3 characters too short
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    well, we all know that i wont win it will be one of them days were the old staff teams come on and destroy us,

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    Fight me bitch
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    "Friendly Competition" was what came to my mind... Then I read Spook and Inge's replies.
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    Wasn't me!
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  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    I have been known as the GG library, so if you need info. Feel free :P
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Uhhh I will make sure to (make Umpire) send you a message about any information we might need :)
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    lit (body is 7 characters too short.)
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    Im doing this and im going to beat you retards, Because all the anwsers are going to be me myself and I
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  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    7 PM uk time tonight is when the Quiz will start :)
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