Community Update #25

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As I am sure many of you are know aware, the new shop is now available to play around with. THERE ARE STILL MANY BUGS. Hence why this is a trial week. During this week, you may find your inventory reset multiple times.
On Monday, providing the test week goes well, Sonic will open up a test server so those that did not get the chance can go into the old shop and sell any items you still have. There is no way to transfer items to the new shop so only money will be taken over.

Unofrtunately due to work obligations, @Angi had to leave us.
Admin for TTT is available for any and all who wish to apply. Applications will be processed in a week.


I gained a... couple new Janitors this week.
Please welcome
@SpookySkeleton who has switched from the TTT team to the Jailbreak team.
@Pell Has newly joined the team.
@Yuri_Katsuki the old Kat from the miniservers has changed her name to Monto the Firemicracker and is now another Jailbreak staff member.
@ed_that_guy has also joined my ranks.

My old three, @Duck , @alibix23 and @GentleMEEM are still hanging around :-).

I am quite happy with these times considering one day JB was down for repairs :-D.

As I said above, Angi stepped down from TTT and Spooky has switched to JB so poor Crimson is left all on his own. He is doing pretty good though.

Mini servers have also had a few cahnges to staff. @LogicPolice has finally decided to step down and has become a brand new Veteran player. I am glad I will still be seeing you around :-)
@Portal has also decided to add new staff.
@ham has joined the team.
@Kitty also joined with the name Ainsley.
@Psychotic_Tom has also joined as Tom.
Good luck to you all. I still do not have Bhop graphs. So here are the two I can get.

  • Rleax
  • Barettacyber
  • Fireblast
Trusted Donations
Would like to thank the following very much for donating towards the server.


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