Hi ShootingStar here with a minor problem.

ShootingStar1ShootingStar1 Posts: 2Community_Member
First off. I could not connect through steam anymore (SHoooooot) with my account so made a fake one with a fake email now (Sorry Sonic cloud) anyway let's get to the point.

I kinda got trusted rank to help out and to prove that I was trustworthy.
None the less I find it hard to help out when I am 1-1 with another person who have been afk a long time on a server.
Can we do something so trusted people have more voting power or that Trusted people have a higher % of the votes or something... So I can kick people and be helpfull instead of calling a janitor or admin on just to kick someone and then leave again. Seems a little pointless if I can't use my "votekick" powers to help out.

The Star (with severe shooting problems) of the server

- Shooting Star


  • ShootingStar1ShootingStar1 Posts: 2Community_Member
    Just remembered.
    I have tried two times to votekick someone because they were afk. They had the ranks "Donator" and "Retired". I don't know if, why and who have ehmmm "better" voting powers within all the ranks. Which might be the reason that I could not target "Donator" and "Retired" ranks.
    Once again - I don't know, maybe I can only target smaller ranks? I thougt it might help a bit to explain my problem with how "Votekick" works for me.

  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    Lol, voting power has been increased loads already- Just make him MS admin, that's basically the same as trusted? I'm joking, love you Portal... please don't ban me.
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Like Djharper said. I pretty sure that voteting power is in favor of the voter already. Like if you and 5 other people is in game and you wanna do a votekick and let's say that 3 guys votes kick and 3 votes don't kick then it is 50% / 50%. I think that the person who did the vote is in favor because the trusted/donator or retired person should have a valid reason to votekick the person.

    Pretty sure but not 100% let me check in game.
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Well I just checket in game and I could kick a Janitor 50% / 50%. 2 for and 2 aganist.
    IF there is a problem with your votekick then it might be because you can't target the people you wanna votekick?
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    Ok so I did a votekick against zunni just now bc he was afk so I thought I could see whether the votekick works turns out it doesn't. So I'm not sure if it's something that you can't do if it's a 1 with 1 but it is something that doesn't work.
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Ahhh okay so the problem does happen if you are only two people in. We gotta look into that. Sorry for being afk. Tried out to get a "gif" as a spray.
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