Community Update #24

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@Sonic_Cloud came back for about 2 days, Has done some stuff for us and left again. So thank you and goodbye.
Due to a recent discussion with staff, Hours will now be counted throughout all servers and so so I will be doing these after all the server announcements. Staff are still expected to play on there own server, these times will be kept between the Admins and staff, however.

I had a couple staff..... cahnges this week. @The_narrator has temporarily stepped down. He will be back once his internet is fixed however.
I also lost @alibix23 for all of about 5 hours before he decided Retired was boring and asked to return to my team. I allowed him. So Welcome back @alibix23 I am sure you will do well.
We got a new map added to the map vote, Electric Aero. After a couple weeks so you can all get used to it, I may start a poll to see if you think it should replace the current electric, be removed or just stay as an extra.
The recently added Aperture map has been removed.
As always, I am always happy to accept any new maps you see on your travels.
The recent bug we have found, where solid objects are feeling pain, Sonic believes he has fixed this, thankfully.


Again, Angi has been very busy getting ready for her new job and so has not been able to get online much.

Same as usual. Still getting people in :-)

Mini Servers
Not much has happened with Deathrun - not that I have been told, anyway.

Okay populatation :-D

Murder was unfortunately down for a couple days, it is back up and running now, though.

As you can see - Due to the down days, Murder looks pretty bad.


Bhop has a couple new maps in again, And has now been added to Gametracker so as of about an hour from this being posted it wll begin to update our times and scores (Not entirely sure how scores on Bhop work.... I am sure we will figure it out)

Still no pretty graph yet.

Again, Hours are now done over all servers. As of this week they are Jailberak, TTT, Deathrun and Murder. Hopefully B-hop will be available for next week. We are doing it this way to show that our staff are infact active. If not on the server they are assigned to.

@Shewolf - 19 hours 33 minutes.
@Duck - 9 hours 18 minutes.
@alibix23 - 10 hours 11 minutes.
@GentleMEEM - 1 hour 33 minutes (ON HOLIDAY)

Trouble in Terrorist Town
@Angi - 0 hours 0 minutes (VERY BUSY IN RL)
@_Superr - 0 hours 0 minutes (ON HOLIDAY)
@TheMinister_ - 8 hours 33 minutes
@SpookySkeleton - 1 hour 25 minutes

@Portal - 5 hours 20 minutes
@LogicPolice - 7 hours 33 minutes
@TheUmpire - 0 hours 0 minutes (ON HOLIDAY)
@Yuri_Katsuki - 2 hours 10 minutes.

Player of The Week

This week a member whom I haven't personally met yet, @Michal Got player of the week for the Mini-servers due to being an all around great player. Looking forward to meeting you at some point :-)

The runner up this week was @HeistenDuck from Jailbreak as he is (insert quote from @Duck "A fellow Duck") and a great guy to play with. It is good to see you online again :-D


  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Congrats Michal. You seem cool enough. Nice getting runnes up Heistenduck and Wb.
    A little speak out to staff people. I see how long time Wolfqueen puts into finding peoples hours. If you could be so kind to tell what name you are using IF you are going to change your name then inform Wolf so she do not have to look at 3+ different names when counting peoples hours.
    Everytime you change your name it add on her looking over gametracker which last time with all the name changes added ten minutes+ extra to what already takes her half an hour to do, before I could get her off the computer.

    Thank you
  • DuckDuck Posts: 29Community_Member
    Congratulations @Michal, and @Shewolf nice touch with my quote. @HeistenDuck is a fellow duck to me. So is every other duck.
  • SpookySkeletonSpookySkeleton Posts: 47Community_Member
    Congrates to @Michal and ill see you on TTT

    and i hope to see you on TTT

    Well thats just a theory, A game theory. Thamks for reading
  • SpookySkeletonSpookySkeleton Posts: 47Community_Member

    Congrates to @Michal and ill see you on TTT

    and i hope to see you on TTT

    Well thats just a theory, A game theory. Thamks for reading

    Game theory
  • The_narratorThe_narrator Posts: 177Community_Member
    I shall be back guys

    As construction work both took out my telecommunications and sky tv package ive had no tv and internet i now have an engineers assesors report confirming the damage and once the construction companys insurance clears the cost the repair works will commence to which ive been told should be done within a week weather permitting

    Ps now have 3 months free thanks to this feck up
  • CrashOverrideCrashOverride Posts: 138Community_Member
    Hey thats pretty good, welcome back to the Staff ranks and thanks for making me update the discord again,
    Why was Aperture removed?
    Aero causes extreme lag in the spawn area I can't be the only one experiencing this???
    That map is so unoptimized I'm surprised it didn't get removed from Game Banana
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