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I have, myself, full confidence that if all staff do their duty, if nothing Is neglected, and if GG becomes a more comedic play, as it were, we shall prove ourselves one again able to defend the right to comedy, to have staff who can take a joke and outgrow the suck ups.
At any rate that is what we are going to try and do. That is the for his Majesty Sonic and his staff. This is the will of the average player and ex ex staff.
The Staff and average player linked together in the cause and their need, will defend to the last perma ban, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their power.
Even though large numbers of ex-banterus staff have fallen to the admins we as the average memer shall not flag or fail.
We shall go to the end, we shall fight until the ban
We shall fight on TeamSpeak and forums
We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength that the strict sonic will change and we will defend this thought to the end whatever the cost may be
We shall fight them on TeamSpeak
We shall fight them on discord
We shall fight them on the forums
We shall fight them to them end
We shall never surrender, and even if, which not for a moment believe, this cause or most of it were failing and unsuccessful, then our once friends I would hope would carry on our struggle, until, in Gods good time, the New GG, with all it power and free will, steps forth to rescue and liberate the old.

In this grave hour, perhaps the most fateful in history, I send to every player both memers and normies, this msg, spoken to you as if you were the same. For the first time a revolt has happened to free GG of the strict rules against memers. Over and over, we have tried to peacefully convert the server to allow memers but it has all been in vain so I must tell u at this time we are at war with all normies.

On 19/08/17 a fellow players forum post was taken down it was a corrupt and un-thoughtful, the day later another was taken down, this for the memeing community is unacceptable so as of now a state of war is between us.
You can imagine what a bitter blow it is to us that all my long struggle to try and keep a state of peace and allow for jokes among us. Yet I cannot believe there is anything more or anything different I could have done that would have been more successful.
Now may God bless you all. May he defend the right to free speech. It is the evil things that we shall be fighting against- brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution- and against them I am certain that the right will prevail.
Long live the memers

-Mr Chamberlin 937

P.s I may be paraphrasing at certain points

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do u agree
  1. is this something that needs changing (allowing for ppl to make jokes ingame)7 votes
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  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    Silent says he agrees completely but he's kinda banned so...
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    And if this is taken down u will only prove my point, the memes will live. LONG LIVE THE REBELLION
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 404Admin
    We have nothing against "Memes" memes can be fun. The one thing you all are forgetting is one of the first and most basic rules of GG that seem to be being forgotten in your fight to have "fun"

    Racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour is not tolerated, EVER.

    Do not disrespect other players.

    In your so called meming I have seen you breaking both of these rules.
    Racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour is not tolerated, EVER. The memes that are Racist, Sexist, and Homophobic are NOT tolerated. It does not matter that it is a "meme" or a "joke" or that you are "friends and it is okay" not tolerated, EVER. Incase you don't understand it means we never have and never will allow it on the servers.
    Do not disrespect other players. Disrespectful words and actions are rude and show a lack of respect. If you want to "dis" someone, be disrespectful towards them. You probably know that respectful things show consideration, kindness, and appreciation. Disrespectful things do the opposite. Swearing at your grandmother is disrespectful. These so called memes are not respectful to other players in any way. It is not taken lightly by other players. It is not "banter"and a "joke" when peoples feelings are in the mix.

    We have no problem against allowing memes (an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.) on the server. If you are mature enough, I am sure you have the capacity to choose ones that do not break any of our rules. It is not hard to do. The servers rules are simple and short - meaning even the youngest can understand the intent.

    Everyone on our server is mature enough to think and to know how to make friends. We have the capacity to know when other people are being hurt by our actions. The way certain people are online, I would put in the actions of the toddlers (I am talking 2-4 years olds) to be acting. I certainly do not go online to be dealing with Toddlers - I get PAID to do that. I expect to be dealing with children and teenagers who have developed and learned how to behave in society. That does not in any way mean you can act ANY different online just because you are hidden behind a screen.
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Zunni says he agrees totally with what shewolfs says.
    ^ Because making a comment like that adds so much value to the discussion.
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    Ed I'm not going to remove this post because it doesn't violate any rules HOWEVER I will say one thing and I'd like you to think about it like an adult. Silent has been around for a long time. He had earned the right to walk that grey line of "fun" and "a bit to far" . He has shown himself to be a bully. To be an unfair and stupid bully to certain people in the community. This "fun" and "memes" you talk about are only funny to you and a select few. For the rest of us it's just bloody annoying and stupid. Hence we remove things. Now silent fucked up and lost his rank because he thought a situation around another bully player was funny and exploited that. Silent came to me under his new alt account asking me to remove all his gametracker stuff because he wanted to try again. He wanted to build bridges. So I agreed because I don't enjoy these stupid little "I'm banned because i was an idiot and I don't agree posts" so I gave him this chance. And you know what he still managed to fuck it up and return to how he was. He still kept up with stuff that was pushing the rules. Feel free to talk to me about this is further detail but keep in mind. I will try to see things from your perspective as long as you do me the same. Silent lost that offer a while ago because he can't and won't change his attitude
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    K I cba to read that but I'm guessing u put a valid point that can't really be argued with all I'm saying is that if ppl are on and we are making jokes but we are both comfortable with them and no one else isn't then idk why it should be stopped
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    This is a personal opinion and I haven't discussed this with the other Staffmembers.

    Jokes??? The only thing Silent does is bully and harress other players, then says "it was a joke" and expects us to let it slip. He is downright ban evading, insulting players and staff, and doing everything in a grey area as long as we let him. Fun is always allowed but not to the expense of other people, that is just plain rude and goes against anything I stand for. He can try and grow up and make jokes that aren't racist or insults about players...
    Lemme just tell you this, picking on people online and then telling it's them to blame is pathetic and if you are that kind of person you should grow up and get a life!
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    So we can't bully or harass them why was my post taken down it didn't harass or anything else and who have I been bulling exactly?
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    just add, silent will take no further comments directed towards him, if you have a problem with him and wish to say anything to him you can say it to him when he is unbanned on ts, he does not wish to start a conversation with anybody who shows a disliking to him as he frankly cba, you will have to initiate the conversation.
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    Let's keep it chill on the forums and maybe some people can be pulled into a meeting on TS? I know I'm away a lot more but let's keep it calm and replace this post with a classic Dj failing post? Sorry as I understand this is a place of opinion but a discussion of this nature, bullying and the nature of many say is going on, should likely be held in TS with two sides to argue and likely Sonic to be scary in. Thanks, feel free to ignore which would be fair enough but this may be faster, easier and less likely to spark conflict in TS. Or duck it and burn everything because burning things is fun...
  • CrashOverrideCrashOverride Posts: 138Community_Member
    @Djharper Although I completely understand your point, for the sake of the community and those who we love, I believe this conversation should be left open to new comment and view to all people, so everyone can see what we believe in, and what we attempt to achieve, and that goes for both sides of this argument.

    @ed_that_guy Silent fucked up, you know that, I know that, I've been with you on this from the start because I see the reason you are fighting, but you cannot fight simply because one of your friends fucked up.

    @Shewolf Although I respect GG's rules, I feel this has turned into another one of these petty bullshit discord fights that we have all too often, what qualifies as an insult? Where is this line drawn? Where is the difference between banter and disrespect? I see it all too often that rules are pushed because they are not defined well enough and let it be said that in my opinion the rule of disrespecting players is not defined well enough. There is a difference between banter and genuine insults towards players, as I have seen in-game and through Discord, and as such feel that this is a very petty thing, if they are hurting other people they get banned, if they arn't then leave them. This rule needs to be defined better before it was enforced, else you risk this turning into something like our discord server...

    @Angi totally agree you, he is acting the complete tool and is ban-evading and expecting to get away with anything that isn't explictly againsed the rules and will do anything to escape punishment and have fun at the expense of others, which is down right wrong.

    Now back to the original post, I have to agree with ed on some of the things he said, specifically at the start where he mentions defending the right to comedy and staff that can take jokes, in recent times I have noticed a decline in comedic actions on GG, I cannot point out the reasons for this but its pretty aparent when I come onto Jailbreak and its populated with players, but for some reason there isn't as much giggling and laughing as there used to be and I'm willing to take that risk and say that it MAY be staff that is causing this, I have heard stuff said about the staff that I won't say here for the sake of not getting banned, but in tl;dr its basically down to strictness and sense of humor, for the most part.

    However I completely disagree with your fighting and "war" BULLSHIT and strongly believe ed, that you are going about this the wrong way, fighting never solves anything, 99% of the time if it cannot be resolved with a proper conversation, then it cannot be solved at all, that said I'm not even sure if I would trust you to HAVE a proper conversation about this topic, because I have seen you talk before...
  • SpookySkeletonSpookySkeleton Posts: 47Community_Member
    I silghtly afree with Crash on this becouse some staff members do take these memes as a joke and then go off in a sulk becouse they dont know how to deal with it but i also disagree with the war and fighting, but fighting can be a result to what i said about the staff going in a sulk
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    It sounds like you consume some pretty weak memes. TIME TO UP THE DOSAGE
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    I can't believe I'm saying this but- Joe, I missed you.
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    So this "war" thing that I put in the initial post was more of filler in the poem and it was just to line up w/ the rest of the stuff I don't seriously want a attually disagreement which sparks real annoyance bc if you think about it a community like this having a logical argument, how do I think that's going to work out? But what I really want which some ppl have put b4 is to allow for a bit of banter and laughs and if I'm being serious yes if they do genuinely say something offensive and way too far yes then I will completly agree w/ jans, admins who want to take it as a serious matter but I can't agree with anyone who thinks that banter is not appropriate but as many ppl define banter differently (ik that I define it something as others think is pure hatred) we do need actual rules to enforce what is and isn't so that there can't be disagreement if it was satire and the jans couldn't take a joke that would be my suggestion but you also, if you do choose to do it, take into account that it would require realising that ppl can take a joke with others when you couldn't take that so you need to be more allowing to everyone inside the community
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    edited August 2017
    ... could you please use punctuation next time, took me half an hour to read it.

    Also what some people think is banter is actually really offensive and if you get warned multiple times and still continue, then you obviously know that it isn't banter anymore. I definitely agree that some people should loosen up, but also feel that abusive behaviour should be punished more quickly. Otherwise people will think it is acceptable and continue or worsen their behaviour
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    Ehh punctuation takes time and sometimes yes ppl that say it's banter can be offensive I have been one to know I have countless msgs about it which I admit is wrong but some ppl who give warnings do it bc they personally don't like it when if it doesn't concern them but the ppl it does concern don'tind and do take it as a joke. What I'm saying is yes there is a line but the line should be able to be changed on depending who you are talking to. E.g. If I was talking to say a admin I would talk differently to someone I know and we both know that we know our own line of when jokes are too far so if know one who the joke concerns rallies offence I don't see why Jans must get involved it seems pointless to me and just shows Jans don't realise the difference between when some one does take offence and doesn't and it may just be a case of pm the person just to ask are you ok with this joke or something along the lines to check no offence is taken
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    And yes there is a shit ton of spelling mistakes but fucked you have fun trying to read it
  • joe.aldredjoe.aldred Posts: 1,233Admin
    @ed_that_guy Who fucked who?

    @Djharper you're about the only person who does. 1 gold star for you.
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    Anyone trying to read something written by me with my fuck ton of mistakes
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    If you want to bitch to your friends then do it in private chat. If you do it on a full server and we accept that cuz it's against friends then people will copy it and everyone starts insulting.
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    What if it's in game, over mic weren't going to to just do it in a private chat if we are both in game and we have the opportunity to we probably will talk shit and bitch about one another it's not really reasonable or practical to do it in private what I do think is wrong is when another person starts insulting others bc of our behaviour that is wrong and that is the point for jans to intervene but I also see that for a jan that is frustrating an annoying to do that but u could try to enforce a rule where if 2 ppl don't know each other or they don't have a line that they both won't cross that would be punishable but you need to understand there is no way that if we want to talk shit we won't do that in game it's going to happen pretty much whatever u do so u need to find a way around that
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    Insulting = not allowed. If you do it purposly you will face and accept the consequences.
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    So if I say Silent is a twat that's not allowed even tho we both know it's in banter but if a jan deems it insulting it's against the rules and I will be punished?
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    Hi Shooting Star here. @ed_that_guy I remember you from Jailbreak where you seemed nice. You, I and Wolfqueen had fun on a map. Then some other people started to join and you left with a comment a little like this “only dicks on now". I did not think much of it.

    Next, I see you on Deathrun with Nora and complaining to her about how bad Gentlemen gamers is now while I and several other guests and members had to listen to you constantly talking nonsense.
    Nora had enough and left. Silent and portal joined at some point as well. You and Silent just kept talking and talking and talking NONE STOP on the mic about banter, Jb aids and so on.

    I asked politely if you could keep it down or talk elsewhere since you only talked to each other.
    I got this response from Silent "Shooting star just kill yourself no one likes you". You left shortly after and Silent kept being a dick I would say. Portal did not do much about this since it was not as "harsh" as when it only was Nora online. After a little time, Portal said that we should keep it down. Including me Shooting star. Everything went cool. Silent and myself stopped after Portal asked us not to. We ended up having a laugh about #TeamPortal after a little while.

    But it was not pleasant experience at all to go through all that before we could play in peace. First when an admin says turn it down a notch. That is when Silent started to behave and as said before we had a laugh with #TeamPortal.

    As a final. Who is Robotman? Silent kept saying I was him and I should leave GG again and hide in my cave like I used to.
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    First of all if ur referring to me being nice holy shit ur going to have to go way back secondly there is reasons for what and why I did what I did which if I said would get this post taken down so... yeah secondly u said it wasn't a pleasant experience :/ ur on the internet ur always going to get one or two pricks who tell u to kys it should be expected by now and when u said be quite I took it as 'stfu ur too loud why can't u be quite for a fucking second' not 'I am hurt by what u are saying' so probably my fault there ehh past is In the past and if ur going to have banter w/ silent have fuckig fun not getting but hurt but yeah sorry about ur not having a pleasant experience my fault but if u want to have banter with ppl like silent it's got to be expected lastly idk I didn't have much contact with him
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    Nvm shooting, they will never understand
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    I agree with u on that I never will
  • ed_that_guyed_that_guy Posts: 57Community_Member
    "@shootingstar , we couldnt talk anywhere else as i was banned on ts and discord at the time, also i never told you to go to a cave and there is a mute person option in game, if you go to tab and click over the speaker icon to the left of a name you can mute them for yourself there" - my boi silent
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member

    just add, silent will take no further comments directed towards him


    ^ yeah cause that held for a long time.
    @ed_that_guy have you heard of a phone before? Skype. Differnet Teamspeak? You can even create your own discord for free so don't give me the "couldnt talk anywhere else" nonsens.
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