Community Update #23

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Sonic is away for a bit so things might be a bit slow right now.


Deathrun doing better :D . With some work we can get dr back to what it was!

[AC] Portal 2.35 (Played more on bhop but it isn't on gametracker :c)
LogicPolice 4.45 (Back From Holiday)
TheUmpire 2.14 (Played more on bhop but it isn't on gametracker and on holiday)
Kat 0.56 (Away Last Week)


Looking OK but also a little dissapointing :c There was a good patch last night, so lets try and keep that up!


Looking VERY nice! Well done to the jb team!

WolfQueen 12.05
Duck 6.28
Narrator 2.55
Alibix 6.36
Gentle 6.11


Also looking good! Keep it up and TTT will be going very well in the near future!

Angi 3.02 (On Holiday)
Superr 0.00 (On Holiday)
Flux 8.30 (On Holiday)
Spooky 0.36 (On Holiday)

Player of the Week!
Memes has been nice to play with, and has been on every day. Keep up the good work!


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