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These rules are correct as of 07/01/2017 and the Mini Servers Staff have full discretion over these rules and may interpret them in a way that they see correct.

Gentlemen Gamers Server rules
These rules are in place across all Gentlemen Gamers servers.
If you need to report someone, please use the admin chat. Staff are more likely to see your issue. To use admin chat, put the @ symbol before your message.
  • No voice or text spam.
  • Racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour is not tolerated, EVER.
  • Do not disrespect other players.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • No ghosting (giving players in game information that they would not usually know).
  • No vote-kicking when there are active members of staff online.
  • No prop-surfing.
  • No offensive sprays.
  • Impersonating staff or players is not tolerated.
Mini Servers Staff
- coutini
- Borthy
- Oriichilari
- LogicPolice
- Bewbicorn

What is Murder?
In Murder, there are two roles and at the beggining of each round you will be assigned to one of them. You can be a "Bystander" or the "Murderer".
If you are a bystander your goal is to not get killed by the murderer and if possible to try to kill him. You must run around collecting items with a green glow around them. Collect 5 items and you will get a gun. The gun is a one hit kill but you only get one bullet before you reload.
Each round, one person will spawn as a bystander with a gun. Everyone else will have to find items to get them. Although if the person with the gun dies, that gun will stay on the ground and another bystander can pick it.
If you are the murderer you must kill all the bystanders.
You have a knife that is a 1 hit kill. You can collect green items as well but you wont get a gun. Instead each item you collect gives you a chance to disguise as a dead person. When you're disguised as another person and you kill someone, then you go back to your default player name and colour.

  • No time-wasting
  • No ghosting
  • Don't use objects to block certain areas (making it impossible for the murderer to reach that area for example)
  • No RDM (if you have a gun, only shoot someone if you have proof. This can be a shout by someone else, you've seen them sprinting, or you've seen their knife out)
  • Work as a team (don't trick other innocents into getting killed etc.)
  • Don't spam the Q menu
  • No claiming areas (If you are the guy with the gun, for example, and you claim an area and say that nobody can enter it. That's not allowed)
How will I be punished if I do not follow the rules correctly?
  • After your first offence you will be slain, muted or gagged as a warning. These punishments will be given out depending on the rule broken.
  • If you continue to break the rules, you will be kicked from the server.
  • If after being kicked you persist doing what you have been asked not to do, you will be banned, the length of the ban depending on the severity of the issue.
If you feel there should be an addition to these rules, please contact @coutini .

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