Community Update #21

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Heyyy all, back to Angi for the updates :D I decided to steal WolfQueen's layout for the Announcement since it might be nice to have the same format. So copyright goes to WolfQueen xD

@Sonic_Cloud is working on a lot of different things at the moment, especially the new pointshop and portal are keeping him fairly busy.

Our servers in general

- At the moment our Rust server is going through an update, this means reforms and changes are on their way.
- Portal and Angi have been added to the steam group as admins so now we can also make events etc..
- Sonic is working on the problems with saving the times on Bhop. He (and Portal) are trying to create the start and finish lines so all your points will be saved. Note: Bhop is still in its testing phase which means that some times have to be reset when it's finished.
- We have added a Community Meeting lounge to the TeamSpeak.
- Just to clear this up for our community. When you are staff on one server it doesn't mean you are staff on another server. For example, if you are TTT staff and you play on Jailbreak, then you will be treated as a normal player. You may not use any commands (maybe some fun ones SOMETIMES) or deal with reports. However, Staff is allowed to tell people to stop (for example) micspamming and give warnings, but the actual usage of commands has to be done by the staff of that particular server. Though when you are the only staff online and know the rules, you are allowed to do reports and use commands.
- Warning System. A warning system has been added. When someone for example swears a lot, staff can give that player a warning by doing !warn player reason. Every warning gets saved in a database so when this player starts swearing again, staff can easily see what warnings the player has had before. Warnings can also be removed when players improve.


Quite a few maps have been added to our Jailbreak server, they have been tested and most maps are working smoothly now. If you do find any bugs please tell our Jailbreak staff so they can work on it!

And now the hours, Jailbreak is doing quite well. Populated for quite a few hours each day, especially during the evenings, keep up the good work!

15.06 hours ("Still the Queen wolfie, Angi :-P" --> I'll just keep this here )
9.30 hours (Perfect, keep up the good work)
4.40 hours (Almossssst )
10.00 (A solid ten hours, niceee)
GentlePsycho (umm tag??)
15.21 (Great, especially for a Trial Jan!)


Yessss I can talk a lot about this server :P Thanks a lot for everyone who joined the Community Meeting, you gave us a lot of great ideas, here they are!
- Two maps have been removed (Schoolday and Minecraft Snowden) and two maps have been added (Terminal and the new version of Community Pool).
- The community responded positively to the new T weapons (Prop disguiser and RSB). If you have any other suggestions for T and D weapons please send me (Angi) a message :)
- The Big head and Swipe special rounds will be removed.
- Sonic is working on an idea to add an infection special round. One T with lots of health spawns with a knife and the rest are all detectives. Whenever the T hits a detective with the knife that detective becomes a T as well. The round ends when all the detectives have become traitors, or when all the traitors have been killed.

5.36 hours (Sigh, I thought holiday meant gaming, but all I'm doing is painting walls :pensive: )
11.56 hours (Well done! You are not getting this one WolfQueen xD)
@TheMinister_ aka Flux
3.01 (Holiday)

And last but not least, give our new Janitor a big welcome
8.13 hours (Great :D)


The Bhop server is still being worked on. Some maps don't have Start and Finish zones so your time will not be saved. Sonic and Portal are working on this though and it seems to become a popular Server. Unfortunately this also means that the minutes our Janitors have played on this map cannot be counted yet.



1.01 hours (hihi I know you have been working on bhop, but still gonna call you a baaaadmin for the sake of it xD)
0 hours (On Holiday)
2.16 hours
@6.28 hours

Of course the bhop hours cannot be counted yet, but trying playing a bit more on the other mini servers as well, they should not be forgotten ;(

Rank Updates



Congrats to all :-D

Player of the Week
The player this week is pLain for being friendly, nice to play with and an old player (nooo not as in age, but as in played here before and came back)


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    @ShootingStar congrats on regular :D
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 403Admin
    Genltes tag is @GentleMEEM

    I will send you the purty pics things so you can add them
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    *sigh* there goes my staff time with every day 2 hours on bhop haha.

    Congrats ShootingStar, David and pLain!
  • SpookySkeletonSpookySkeleton Posts: 47Community_Member

    and still no one says congrats to me in the comments *Sigh* i guess no one cares
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 403Admin
    15.06 hours

    11.56 hours (Well done! You are not getting this one WolfQueen xD)

    .... Pretty sure 15 hours is more than 11 :-P
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    No in the last announcements you wanted to steal him :(
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    Thank you @LogicPolice and @TheUmpire. On step closer to rule your galaxy :D
    Well. Congrats on being allowed to scrub the toilets cleen for free @SpookySkeleton and GentlePsycho who don't have a link to his name.
    Nice done with getting regular with me DavidTheFirst and congrats to you as well pLain even though I have NO CLUE who you are.
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    P.s I would very much like an edit button here on the forums so I can edit my bad grammar before the grammar nazis kills me in my sleep.
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