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There's a fair chance that a lot of people reading this won't have a clue who I am as the community chances so often, so feel free to skip this post. For those who have spoken to me in the past, have a looksie beneath.

Everyone seems to put their little GG story in their fairwell post, so here's mine:

I joined Gentlemen Gamers Jailbreak in July 2015 when I broke up from school for the summer holidays, and pretty much donated in the first 5 minutes cos some really cool people were on at the time and I was like "Wowza, this server seems nice". I then made some pretty cool friends such as @joe.aldred and @sporkafish. Fastforward to October 2015 when I applied for Trusted Donator and met two nerds - @Kodi and @Ace. Fastforward to late November and I was put on trial for Janitor with an incredibly enthusiastic @Officially, who is secretly really nice behind all the grammar nazi'ing. Mid January 2016, I became close friends with Kodi, @NICHOLLTRON and a few others, so I moved over to TTT and became a Jan, this only lasted a month or so as like most teenagers do, we argued and fell out. I was then retired throughout March 2016, and came back to Jailbreak mid April. Joe (finally) stepped down, leaving (god knows why) @Princess_shadow in charge, who has sadly become one of my closest friends on GG since then. We then both stepped down around October 2016, where I pretty much disappeared from the servers until early Feb 2017, where I came back as Janitor on Jailbreak for a few weeks, then became Admin for around 2 months. I pretty much haven't been on the servers since.

I'm also quite the sentimental person, so sorry for these super cringe messages beneath:

@Kodi - We're probably always gonna argue from time to time cos we're both annoying as hell , but we're still adopting several pugs if we're both single at 30, don't worry. You're honestly one of the most amazing people I've met, don't change <3

@Borthy & @Inge - Both of whom I got off with on the complete wrong foot when I first met you, but then came to discover you're both actually really sweet people; I was basically too shy to say hey after that. So I guess this is an apology, you've both probably come across my indirect sass at some point, and it honestly was nothing personal :'(

@joe.aldred - I'm still not allowing you to disappear, dispite how bitchy and distant I've been these past few months - come and visit me soon (<b class="Bold">you're the one with a car, not me!) <3

Sorry to anyone else (<i class="Italic">which is probably a lot of people) who have come across my overly sassy/sarcastic/plain rude, I genuinely think most of the people I've met on here are lovely! :3

(I'll gladly keep in touch with people, so don't be shy - )

So yeah, this is Rose / CoffeeQueen / daddykinks / hi i'm meg or whatever other one of the names you've known me as, signing out! ♡


  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    Sad to see you go Rose :(. I think we will all miss you, atleast I will.
    After Inge showed me where she was moderating back then and I joined a half year later you were the first person to help me, make me like the server and protect me from people at the beginning. So thanks for helping me find a way through the server (you did this with more people obv, but I joined JB first).

    I hope we can play some DbD or Friday 13th still tho and that you will be back one day ;)
  • PortalPortal Posts: 390Veteran
    Will be very sad to see you go @Rose . We used to be good freinds on GG but havent talked much recently. Pls come back one day! Also correct my gramer and spellin plox for the memes
  • 7 days later
  • PellPell Posts: 8Community_Member
    Didn't even mention me or mongoose
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