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AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
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Hey all, since I haven't been Admin of the TTT server that long yet I would like to have a meeting with everyone who plays on our Server. We will discuss what you like and what we could improve, you can make suggestions, share your ideas etc...

I'd like to suggest 3 dates to hold the meeting. This Wednesday, this Thursday or this Sunday at 7 pm UK time. Please write in the comments what you would prefer or message me so we can see what day would be best.

Looking forward to talking to you all!! See you soon ;)
What day should the meeting be?
  1. What day should the meeting be?4 votes
    1. Wednesday
    2. Thursday
    3. Sunday


  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    I can every evening. I prefer Wednesday.
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    XD it's great that many people have seen this but a response or a vote on the poll would be appreciated as well!
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Cool I will see you on Friday :)
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 404Admin
    *initiate whining voice* sunday is myyy daaayyyyy ;-; ;-;
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    edited July 2017
    Wednesday or Thursday then xD hihi stealing players and days now (evil laugh)

    @Zunni where did you see Friday as an option? Haha
  • CrashOverrideCrashOverride Posts: 138Community_Member
    Monday it is! ;)
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    So yeah thanks to everyone who has voted xD we will try and do a meeting tomorrow at 7 pm UK time. Please be there cuz we need all of your ideas to get the server going and keep it there!!
  • CrashOverrideCrashOverride Posts: 138Community_Member
    @Angi Setup a steam group notification plz
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    @CrashOverride if only i knew how :P
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    Thanks a lot everyone, it was an epic meeting with lots of great ideas!!
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