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Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) Basic Rules
Explanation of gamemode –
TTT puts its players into a scenario where they are a group of terrorists with traitors among their ranks. The innocents must team up to find out who is a dastardly traitor!

These are the basic rules for TTT. Please see the Advanced Rules and Tips and Tricks for further rules.

- TTT Staff

Gentlemen Gamers Server rules
These rules are in place across all Gentlemen Gamers servers.
If you need to report someone, please use the admin chat. Staff are more likely to see your issue. To use admin chat, put the @ symbol before your message.

No voice or text spam.
Racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour is not tolerated, EVER.
Do not disrespect other players.
No excessive swearing.
No ghosting (giving players in game information that they would not usually know).
No vote-kicking when there are active members of staff online.
No prop-surfing.
No offensive sprays.
Impersonating staff or players is not tolerated.

TTT Staff



Kill on Sight (KOS)

This is an important aspect in the game. Players may shout out “KOS [Username]!”. That means that the next time you see that player, you must shoot them. It is important that you know what can and can’t be KOS as if you do it incorrectly (False KOS) you can be punished by Staff.


Ghosting is the act of using information gained from outside the game (e.g. TeamSpeak, through Steam messages or through looking at the logs mid-round as a staff member). Ghosting will result in a kick from the server, and also one auto-slay.

Players may call KOS on you for the following reasons –
  • You are seen attacking other players without a clear reason.
  • You are seen killing another player and do not explain why.
  • You are seen near an unidentified body, which you clearly saw, but did not identify. Other players are required to give you a chance to ID the body if there is a chance you could have missed it.
  • If someone is holding a weapon only traitors can have, without declaring that they have it (an innocent could have a traitor-only weapon from a dead traitor, or they could be a traitor and lie about where they got it).
  • Refusing to obey a Detective’s orders (i.e. refusing to use a traitor tester).
  • Breaking a traitor tester or health station.
  • Being seen activating a traitor trap.
  • Not attacking someone who is KOS.
  • Being the only person left who is not proven innocent.
  • Doing something which may kill others (Throwing a discombobulator on the top of a roof, for example).
  • Not reporting danger (The sound of C4 etc.).
  • Calling out a false KOS on a player as an Innocent.
  • Prop blocking (Holding a prop to block doors, vents, etc).
  • Prop killing other players (Also a slayable offence as Innocent).
  • Pretending/joking about being a Traitor.
  • Crowbarring a player once. (This is also a slayable offence if you are found to be an Innocent and and if the victim decides to KOS/Kill you for it)
  • If someone is purposely following you, you may KOS them after giving them 3 warnings,
    with 5 seconds between each warning. (this does not mean that if someone is going into the same direction,
    you can just shoot them)
  • If someone is purposely blocking you from moving/leaving, you may KOS them after giving them 3 warnings,
    with 3 seconds between each warning.
  • Blocking doorways that can stop players from evading danger; i.e. C4, Jihad, RPG, etc. (Also a slayable offence if found to be Innocent)
  • An Innocent is threatening to kill you. (This KOS can only be made by the player that is being threatened and cannot be used against Detectives)
Player Roles

Innocent –
  • You must only shoot other players in self-defence or if there is a KOS on that player.
  • You must not shoot detectives unless it is in self-defence.
  • You must presume all other players to be innocent until they are declared KOS.
  • You must obey orders given by a Detective. (This rule does not apply when Detectives give out unreasonable orders - for example, if they tell all innocents to shoot each other until the traitor is found)
  • You must call KOS on another player doing anything in the KOS section of these rules.
  • You must announce if you have picked up a Traitor weapon (e.g. Riot Shield, RPG, silenced weapons) to avoid being KOSed for having one.
  • You must identify any corpses you see. This updates who is counted as dead in the tab menu.
Detective –
  • You must obey the innocent rules listed above, apart from obeying other Detectives - they are equal to you.
  • One of the weapons found in the Detective menu, the Golden Deagle, acts similarly to a Traitor Tester. If the player with the gun shoots a Traitor, the Traitor will die. If they shoot an Innocent, however, they will die instead. Therefore killing a traitor with this is not RDM.
  • Detectives cannot order players to AFK-freeze at any time.
  • You will be able to make one Life Check which must be advertised via chat. If someone does not respond to the Life Check then you may KOS them.
Traitors –
  • You must not shoot/harm your fellow traitors. This includes warning them about anything you might do which could harm them (e.g. C4, Jihad bomb etc.)
  • You must not reveal who your fellow Traitors are.
  • Don't delay rounds as Traitor, an example is camping (45 seconds) into the Traitor room.
Breaking the Rules -

Terminology -
  • RDM - The term “RDM” means “Random Deathmatch” and refers to players killing/attacking other players for no reason. RDM on an innocent is 1 slay and RDM on a Traitor or Detective is 2 slays!
  • Slay - A staff member can ‘slay’ you either at the start of the round or mid-game. This kills you instantly and prevents you from playing until the next round starts.
  • Aslay/auto-slay - A staff member can add an auto-slay, which will kill you at the start of the next round. More than one auto-slay will kill you at the start of however many rounds is specified.
  • Kick - You will be disconnected from the server, and will have to rejoin.
  • Ban - you will be unable to join the server, either for a set period of time or permanently.
  • Prop Killing - The act of using a prop held by your Magneto-stick to kill or cause damage to other players.
  • Prop Surfing - Abusing props to lift players into the air.
  • Punishments and Reasons - these are not set in stone and open to reasonable interpretation by staff
Auto-slay Reasons:
  • One RDM.
  • Prop Killing / Prop Blocking
  • Not taking reports seriously, such as spamming letters and/or being abusive. This applies to both the reporter and reported player.
  • False Reports (i.e reporting the wrong person and then not forgiving it, or reporting players for the sake of it.)
  • 'Glitching out bodies' as an innocent - i.e. Making them disappear.
Slay Reasons:
  • Mass RDMing continuously during the round (Will also result in a ban).
  • Prop Surfing
  • Continuously camping Traitor rooms after warnings by staff.
  • Exploiting maps - i.e. using props or boosting on other players to escape the map.
Kick Reasons:
  • Two RDMs in one round.
  • Being rude and/or disrespectful.
  • Being racist, homophobic or displaying otherwise unacceptable behaviour.
  • Ghosting and otherwise ruining the game for others.
  • Arguing with punishment by staff.
  • Being AFK for a long period of time.
  • Impersonating staff.
  • Rule-breaking after one warning by staff.
Ban Reasons:
  • 3 RDMs in a single round, or several RDMs over a short period of time. (Mass RDM)
  • Being highly abusive to staff or players.
  • Continuously breaking the rules after punishment and several warnings by staff.
    (The current record for RDM is 11 people by ReiCrafted)
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