I Still Exist.

(IFG) David McBoss(IFG) David McBoss Posts: 15Community_Member
Hi. its me. i noticed how DEAD the server has been, we need to make things better.

GG Jailbreak was a place where we would all come jsut to have a bit of friendly banter. But seeing how nobody plays on it anymore brings a tear to my eye.

Ive met so many cool people here, Like Trunks. I wish people could still come and play because then maybe people can experience this community.

Rest In Peace.


  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 404Admin
    Hey David

    Yeah we are experiencing a bit of a dead zone right now. But Jailbreak does still populate quite well at around 5pm uk time at night. Until around 11PM. Feel free to join us, Or to join earlier if me or my Jans are trying to populate. I hope to start seeing you around again :-)
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    Hi David welcome back.
    If you are still interrested in Jailbreak then add me on steam. I tense to invite people when the server is a bit populated to have fun times like back in the days. Both with players from back then and new players.
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