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ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
Hi everyone my Name is Shooting star. I come from a galaxy far far away and join random servers and cummunities to see what they can offer.
So far I have met Trusted Strangers, Toilet cleaners who work for free, Old people that were in world war two, an animal admin, a coop game as admin and yet an unkown admin.

A little more about me? Okay.
My friends call me pretty and generally kiss and smile underneath me.
I come out of nowhere and dissapear as fast as I come Haha.
People make wishes when they see me, but I only give false hope.

For real now.
Looking forward to meet you all. Been taken in very nice so far especially by LogicPolice, WolfQueen and Portal.


  • Psychotic_TomPsychotic_Tom Posts: 21Veteran
    got any milk?
  • LogicPoliceLogicPolice Posts: 47Veteran
    Welcome to the forums :D
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    Hey Star, you are a nice person ingame :). Welcome to the forums as well!
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    Welcome to the Forums, I look forward to playing with you in game :)
  • PortalPortal Posts: 390Veteran
    Hey star nice to see you on the forums :D
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    I have never been to world war 2 ... I am not THAT OLD!!! Anyway Hi star welcome to the forums :)
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    okay many people have commented on my post. That is sweet. I guess people wanna see a shooting star :D.
    Psychotic_Tom: I will answer that in two ways. 1: Not right now. But I can quickly go down and buy some for my star dust. 2: You have to work for it.
    ToiletCleaner number 1: Thank you Logicpolice :dizzy:
    Theumpire: You seemed like a nice person as well. It was fun playing murder with you. Thanks for some tips :)
    Angi: I am looking forward to play with you as well anime face profile picture person :)
    Portal: Nice to see you as well Portal :D the admin that plays on all the servers :D (and claim Jailbreak as his own)
    Zunni: Sorry grandpa and thank you.

    Extra. I met a Retired person on Jailbreak yesterday. WTF is a retired rank? By what Ace (the retired person) said. All they do is sitting stil and having a wank.
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    I quote:


    You can’t apply for this rank. It is given to retired staff members.''


    You can’t apply for this rank. It is given to retired staff members who still show special dedication.''

    Next to that Veterans can still moderate and see admin chat, Retired can't.
  • ShewolfShewolf Posts: 404Admin
    Veterans are Toilet cleaners who cant clean toilets 7 hours a week anymore, only 3.

    Retireds are the salty toilet cleaners who no longer WANT to clean toilets.
  • IngeInge Posts: 686Veteran
    Hehe, that sounds like Ace.
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    HI!......i just wanted to be included in the fun
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    Thank you Umpire
    Okay Veterans are Lazy Toilet Cleaners. Got it Shewolf.
    Welcome to the fun Sonic_Cloud. Stop hiding in that corner and jump in the mud pile with the rest of us.
  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
  • SpookySkeletonSpookySkeleton Posts: 47Community_Member
    Hey star, i believe i have met you on deathrun but welcome to GG and you will get to meet some unique characters ( not me im just stupid ). So yeah enjoy
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    SONIC_CLOUD. You are right I don't have the powers to do that. I am just gonna spread my stardust all over your server. LEARN IT!
    Hi SpookySkeleton. I remember you. It was short but pretty fun. Stupid like IQ or being a dick? If it is the first choice then sorry for not explaing. IQ means Intelligence Quotient. Hope that helps :) if second. Sorry can't help you with that. I am just a little star. You can make a wish underneath me and I will ignore it.
    Hi dark. Ehmmm. Thxxxx? I don't remember you at all. I am guessing you are using two users cause I am normally pretty good with remembering people (and ignoring cause I gotta fly).
    You are either.
    1. Ace. With the wanking thing he got going on.
    2. Toilet cleaner. Must be someone on Jailbreak then or Portal. So second guess (Janitor rank) would be Alibix.
    3. You seem salty. Likes being retired and use memes. Could be that silent guy who never is silent.
  • AngiAngi Posts: 78Community_Member
    Could you please rewrite that without using broken English, trying to read this is giving me a headache lmao
  • DjharperDjharper Posts: 229Veteran
    Angi, I think you may be able to join the clan of grammar Nazi folk that live on the forums.
  • ShootingStarShootingStar Posts: 26Community_Member
    Sorry I am not!
  • ZunniZunni Posts: 280Veteran
    We are though. None the less congrats on "Player of the week".
  • OfficiallyOfficially Posts: 815Community_Member
    Djharper said:

    Angi, I think you may be able to join the clan of grammar Nazi folk that live on the forums.

  • Bluezour777Bluezour777 Posts: 81Community_Member
    welcome hope to see you on gg soon
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