How to Bunny Hop

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So you want to know how to Bunny Hop? Well, below you will find a beginner's guide on the basics of Bunny Hopping :D

Standard Way

For slightly more advanced Bunny Hoppers, this is a more efficient way to hop!

Step One Run forward and hold jump. This will get you moving!

Step Two Look left and hold a, then look right and hold d (after releasing a). To turn further left, look further left. This will build up your speed.

Step Three You are now Bunny Hopping! Control this and everything will be easier!

Pre Speeding:

This is the most basic form of bhopping. It builds up speed by hopping in a perfect circle. This is a useful way to get used to moving at high speeds.

Step One To do this you will need to go to console and type: bind r "+left" This will make you turn right whenever you hold down r.

Step Two Now that you have this bind, you can begin to hop! Run forward, hold space, r and a at the same time and let go of w. This will quickly build up momentum. Make sure to constantly move your mouse to the left or you will spin out of control!

Step Three Release r. You will now be hurtling forward at the speed of sound! To control you hops now you will need to follow the next step!

Step Four As you look left, hold a, and as you look right, hold d. This will turn you in the direction you look and will build speed!

I hope that you have found this guide helpful. If you have any other questions, then please message me on steam:
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