Announcements #18

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This is my first announcement so please don't be too harsh on me xD here we go!

1. Additions.
@Sonic_Cloud has been working on several things these last couple of weeks, including:
- Pointshop. There will be a new Pointshop put up for trial in the next week. This means that you won't have your usual items/skins for about a week, but every Player will gain some points to spend in the Pointshop. If everything goes well and people are positive about the new Pointshop, all the points and items will be migrated to the new version.
- New Portal. Sonic has also been working on adding a new Portal and other Server related issues.

2. Promotions.
- hotcrossbun.
- Bluezour777.

- GentlePsycho.

- _Superr. (TTT)
- Djharper. (TTT)
- [GG]Alibix23. (JB)

- [AC] Portal. (MS)
- Angi the Eternal Wolf. (TTT)

Congratulations to all!!! (yes I am congratulating myself as well :P)

3. Staff Hours.
TTT Hours

Angi the Eternal Wolf
9 hours

24 hours (wow, just wow)

10 hours (well done)

Jailbreak Hours

17 hours (guess you are the #1 wolf D:)

6 hours (-)

4 hours (Try to play a bit more next week)

0 (Due to the fact he's moving)

8 hours (good job)

MS hours

12 hours (also more than me *cries in Dutch*)

16 hours (perfect!)

4 hours (studying for exams + played on other servers)

4 hours (try to play a bit more on your own server next week!)

4. Player of the Week
The Player of the Week for this week (wow I'm seeing double) is GentlePsycho, congratulations!
The runner up is bluezour777!
Well done to the both of you ^^

Since Portal and I have been given the instructions on how to use EVERYTHING during this meeting we haven't discussed much more. However, if I forgot something please feel free to poke me :D

PS. Next time I will use fancy graphs like @Shewolf did as well, just wait!



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