Its Time.

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So, for those who don't know. I am Borthy.

I joined Gentlemen Gamers last year out of curiosity with one of my best friends @shewolf. Herself and @Zunni are the reasons to which I became member of this server. I started off playing Jailbreak and nothing but Jailbreak, so much so that I then became a trusted donator after not that long. But shortly afterwards I then started getting abit tired of Jailbreak so I started playing deathrun which is where I met @Inge @coutini @sporkafish and @Psychotic_Tom. I started playing deathrun so much that during my janitor application for Jailbreak I then told Princess Shadow to drop my application so that I could apply for Mini Servers.

Two weeks later Inge was foolish enough to give me Janitor :P During my trial I pestered @coutini for help on the simplest of things. Surprisingly I passed trial and then the shit show started...

Not long after I passed my trial @Inge decided that it was her time to step down. Inge was a great admin, friend and all around a caring and amazing person. When @sporkafish left the Mini Servers picked up new janitors like @Oriichilari and @LogicPolice. Both of whom became part of the family. Whilst this was happening coutini then got admin and was in charge of us all. He done a good job at being admin and being an all around friend.

On 19th April coutini stepped down and I was lucky enough to become Admin of the Mini Servers. My time as admin was stressful, fun and also interesting. Portal, Kat and Umpire then recently joined the family.

I am now unfortunately writing this as a Retired Member of Gentlemen Gamers. I recently stepped down due to my own Mental Health problems becoming too much for me. I hate the fact I am now leaving Gentlemen Gamers but this is one of those things that need to happen. I have met so many lovely people to whom I won't name because you know who you are.

So overall this is me, Borthy, now leaving Gentlemen Gamers. I may return if I can one day if not then...Goodbye GG. <3



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