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These rules are correct as of 3/7/2017 and the Rust Server Staff have full discretion over these rules and may interpret them in a way that they see correct.

Gentlemen Gamers Server rules
These rules are in place across all Gentlemen Gamers servers.
If you need to report someone, please use the /report command. Staff are more likely to see your issue. If you have an issue related to the rust server but not in-game, you can find CrashOverride and FrictionlessPortals on Discord to report something to them.
• No voice or text spam.
• Racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour is not tolerated, EVER.
• Do not disrespect other players.
• No excessive swearing.
• Impersonating staff or players is not tolerated.
Rust Server Staff
- SmileWhileYouDie
- CrashOverride
- FrictionlessPortals
- Snorlax

What is Rust?
In Rust, your sole objective is to survive and thrive, through any means necessary.
Initially you will spawn with a rock and a torch, because our server is modded it is recommended that you type the /kit command and take your starter kit as soon as possible. After you retrieve your kit, you will need to complete tasks such as mining, killing animals and looting the towns and barrels scattered across the map. Our custom loot spawns mean that you should have no trouble finding all the resources you need to build a base. Bases built from twig and wood will decay every 5 minutes, with twig being destroyed completely and wood being severely damaged. The easiest way to counter this would be to build from stone, sheet metal, or armoured metal. The quickest way to do this would be with the /bgrade command, which lets you build directly from a number of materials instead of upgrading each individual block. You can also upgrade your base at a later date with metal or armour in a rather quick manor by using the EnhancedHammer, simply upgrade one block to the material of your choosing and then left click the rest of the blocks to quickly upgrade them without opening any menus.

It should be noted that this is a PvP server and there will be players who want to kill you, so it is recommended that you take as many airdrops as you can, aswell as get yourself a gun as quickly as possible to defend yourself. Should you get killed, try not to get salty because this will probably be the first death of many.

It should also be noted that Donators get their own special kits as well as the ability to insta-craft items, for normal players, the rate of crafting is sped up 4 times the default. Smelting items is the same for everyone, at a rate of 0.25 (4x speed)

Should you have any more questions feel free to ask ingame or make a forum post, which the team will gladly respond to.

• Use of any third party software or bots is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban
• Defenders that teleport their loot to safety during a raid will be banned.
• Defenders who attempt to despawn loot during a raid will be kicked
• 0 Tolerance for disrespect to any staff member or player
• Discrimination, Racism, Homophobia, etc. will never be tolerated and will be met with an instant ban.

How will I be punished if I do not follow the rules correctly?
• After your first offence, you will be muted or gagged as a warning. These punishments will be given out depending on the rule broken.
• If you continue to break the rules, you will be kicked from the server.
• If after being kicked you persist doing what you have been asked not to do, you will be banned, the length of the ban depending on the severity of the issue.
If you feel there should be an addition to these rules, please contact @Smile

-The Rust Team
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