POTW + Promotions

ShewolfShewolf Posts: 403Admin
To add on to my former (verrrrry loooong) announcement (don't worry, this isn't as long)

I would like to c congratulate a couple people on their promotions this week :blush:



Well done to spending THIRTY HOURS on GG servers Trusted


Congrats, Killer and thank you for all your help with the community.

Annnd you already know the Janitors...... but I'll add them anyway.


Annnnd Player of the week was very close but in the end we (I did as I am the one writing these posts :-P)

@Panda for how incredibly mature he has been recently as well as helping populate and helping new staff members get to grip with what they are doing.

with the VERRRRRY close runner up of @Icecubes for being a very nice player and very active.


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