Community Update #15

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Morning guys,

Seems these things are getting later and later. but this last week and for the next few weeks I am moving house, but not just moving house. I am purchasing my own house. So i've not really had a lot of time to prep out an update. Currently because my pc is in pieces i have only been able to work on revamping the loading screen. Its nothing massive to major its just some sublte and informative changes. This that have been happening this week forgetting to give @AbdooIsSomeone his POTW wings, so as an appology he can have them this week and we shall resume business as usual next week. Lots of staff drama this week but nothing we cant handle. but moral of the story. GG is a close community and we like to try and be fair BUT dont be a dick outside of GG and bring the drama here. Actually moral here is our main rule "Don't be a dick".

No promotions to speak of because my update board has been left empty #BlameAdmins xD

Donations this week are
@Rose (Thanks for keep changing your steam name......i had to get all Sherlock on this situation)
Elyse_v .....couldnt seem to find a forums account for them :(


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    "Don't be a dick"
    I am still wondering how I managed to stay in this community for so long without losing ranks or getting banned...shocking...
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