Back and Better!

Dragon_CatsDragon_Cats Posts: 4Community_Member
Ive decided to give the gentlemen gamers another chance ^-^ and im glad I did. I meet some really nice and funny people today. Anyways, im wondering how everyones been, i'd be delited to see how much ive missed and how everyone is doing. Im doing fine, i was in a car accident a couple weeks ago but im doing much better! ~Lots of Love, Cats


  • Sonic_CloudSonic_Cloud Posts: 499Owner
    Welcome back! Car accident o.O hope it wasnt too bad :/
  • TheUmpireTheUmpire Posts: 201Admin
    Hopefully you didnt break anything or get wounded by the car accident. I´m happy you atleast do much better at the moment. Anyways, welcome back! I´ve never seen you since I joined here, so you were here before I was :P. I can't wait to play a game with you and get to know you a little bit better :)
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    Hello @Dragon_Cats Hope you're feeling a lot better after that car accident.Along with Umpy above me ^^^^ Im also not as old as a grandpa on this server but i am a few months on GG and if you have some questions about whats happened i'll gladly answer them <3
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