Another horrific tragedy

Today, I'm afraid we've been struck with another disaster in the GG Community... It's this bitch's birthday >> @Rose
And I would like to wish our biggest (take from that what you will ;)) GG Whore a very happy birthday today!

Mate, we've known eachother for so long now and the first time I remember speaking to you I thought you were crazy af (you still are btw). You've driven me absolutely insane and you're the bitchiest person I know but we do have a great laugh together to the point where I turn into a kettle and we do have our physic moments together plus the occasional deep convo xD

So yeah, I hope you have an amazing birthday Rose or Daddykinks or Wannabesenpaii or Coffeequeen (man stop changing your name every five seconds I can't keep up smh)

Have fun today and try not to get wasted in GTA please ;)

Love from your fattest friend :3 <3


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