An urgent request

Hello everyone! I'm afraid it is that time of the year again where we must join forces to embarrass our special Admin of TTT, @Kodi. As of yesterday, I was a victim of yet another devastating bout of gas while playing a fun game of Overwatch. I personally feel that because I am a great friend and a cunt, I may require the assistance of the whole community to aid me in answering the question that has been on my mind.

Did Kodi fart??

Here is the evidence that I gathered on that horrific day :(

Now that you have examined the evidence, I request that you leave your input in the poll I have set up.

Thank you :3
The Verdict
  1. Did Kodi let one loose??16 votes
    1. Ofc he did have you heard him
    2. No he would never do such a thing


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