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Hello guys, I'm going to be giving a list of things you can do as Warden. This will be a guide for new wardens for games but I already made a guide on all the roles months ago so it will simply be games and such like. A similar guide was also made for this but I made this as a renewal of the post. Without further ado, I will begin.

These are not advised to do loads, generally do these while searching for ideas and at max one every 6 rounds or so. These days are a whole round long and requires little knowledge of Warden for this.

War Day: very well known, saying this will cause guards to go to a set location with a time to leave. Upon arrival all prisoners are KOS. There is not LR so kill anyone. Before you set a location make sure it's not banned.

Hide and Seek: all prisoners hide until a set time before guards leave armoury and kill anyone they see.

Hunger Games: guards go to med Bay and are either jailed by staff so none my enter or if staff are not online anyone entering are KOS. Friendly Fire is turned on and the final alive recipes LR.

Any other days are fairly similar.

Simple games:
These are games which are easy. Only use these to lower numbers as they are really boring. Nobody enjoys boring games. So enjoy.

First reaction, Last reaction: a command is said following first/last reaction. If first is said it means the first to do it is KOS while last reaction means the last to do it dies. Very easy to get numbers down.

Shoot or don't shoot: prisoners face away from you and you ask each one if they want to shoot or not. You will randomly point a gun at a Prisoner. If shoot is said you gun them down, else you leave them. If don't shoot is said three times in a row kill the third person to say it.

Simon says: begin saying:"Simon says I'm Simon, Simon says we are now playing Simon says" meaning you give the commands. Any command said with Simon says before is a KOS command so they must do it, any without that means doing it gets you killed.

Snitch: two prisoners are put in separate cells, if one crouches the other dies, if both crouch both die and if both stand neither die. This is a game of trust so watch them betray each other for amusement.

Wordy games:
These rely on the prisoner's imagination. You ask a question, they answer and if you like it they live, I'd not they die. Best one wins. Use these to conclude days or when you don't fancy playing the map games.

How tough are you: ask them how tough they are and the strongest or funniest wins.

Joke day: best joke lives, let's hear some laughs.

Contraband day: each Prisoner brings a naughty item in to do something such as escaping or maybe becoming king of the dance floor!

How - - - are you day: same as toughness but anything.

What's in the box day: type an item in guard chat, anything from death to getting shot to a free day, prisoners are then asked if they want to open or pass it. If they open give them what's inside the box, pass is onto the following prisoner.

Gift day: prisoners give someone a gift, it is pretend so can be anything. If they like it they live, if not... I think you can guess.

Appreciation day: prisoners pay compliments to others, if the like it they live etc.

Talent day: prisoners are asked to perform a talent such as singing or dancing. Same end as usual ;)

Story day: add a line to a continuous story, if you don't like it you kill the person who changed it. Do this until one remains.

Pickup lines day: prisoners say a line and you decide if you'd date them based on it. The usual end.

Border control: prisoners say why they should be able to enter your country. Same as normal.

Why are you in prison day: prisoners say how they got here. You guess the end.

Map games:
These are super fun and some are specific to maps.

Four corners: prisoners choose an area to stand in and the Warden pushes a button. One area drops and prisoners slowly die.

Bhop: 2 enter 1 leaves, first to finish escapes.

Parkour: same as above but three enter.

Race: first to finish lives.

Jeopardy: trivia. If it's correct they choose someone to die... if they're incorrect, we'll guess who's head is on the chopping block.

Red light, green light: Warden says red or green, red means stop but green means go. If someone moves while it's red they're KOS but first to finish kills all others.

Any other games I've forgotten but they're normally fairly self explanatory such as the mine field on Sand being a glorified Race. Now, what was the purpose of the post? Well it was to say a bunch of games and fun stuff but there was more, I've said the obvious stuff but do you have a fun game you want to share? Please do because it would be awesome to have a huge list of things to do! So lets get the ball rolling and feel free to have this open while you're wardening.

-Djharper, some scumbag thinking he knows how to warden but probably sucks.


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