Deathrun suggestions

TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
Ok so i just thought of two ideas for deathrun.
1.When you go into ghost-mode you would be able to fly by pressing R.
2.When you !rtd you could have a chance to be completely invisible for a short amount of time (it might be 2 OP ik).
That is all <3.


  • PortalPortal Posts: 390Veteran
    Hey mario thanks for your suggetions c:

    1. Noclip sounds like a good idea when you are a ghost imo but as shown by things like the infamous "Ghost Glitch", ghost mode has its errors, so if noclip was a thing then there would always be a possibility that it would bring up errors like the person who used it being able to noclip all over the map.

    2. While I don't think that invisibilty would be too good, I do think that some more rtd commands would be cool.

    If you have any more suggestions then feel free to post them :D

    @LogicPolice @Oriichilari @Borthy
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    Thanks for your thoughts @Portal but on the 1st one i didnt mean noclip i meant being able to fly while holding R not being able to go through objects also maybe to make it a little bit more fair instead of being fully invisible maybe just your playermodel not your shop items aswell as your crowbar (just like in the simpsons map with the dumster) but then it should be a little longer :P just my thoughts.
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    True true there are ghost errors that still arent fixed but i mean no harm in giving out a suggestion.
  • BorthyBorthy Posts: 85Veteran
    It has been discussed before about ghosts being able to teleport and like both portal and orii said it would cause alot of glitches and with the recent gmod updates it could cause more faults. Ghost is just something to do really whilst others play, its not meant to be for you to win anything. As for the rtd commands, it could be nice to maybe see if there is a possibility of this happening. I will bring it up at the admin meeting.
  • TheGamingMarioTheGamingMario Posts: 162Community_Member
    Thanks @Borthy <3
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